Mining and Metallurgy

Challenges faced by mining and metallurgy

Mining is inherently risky. Beyond the trading risks of commodity price fluctuations, exchange rate variations and governmental policy changes, miners have to contend with potential environmental impacts, and significant health and safety risks to employees and contractors, is the ever-growing challenge of managing social risk. IsoMetrix can help you deal with it all.

IsoMetrix value drivers

Prevention is cheaper – and better – than cure. By providing a centralized governance risk and compliance solution for mining, IsoMetrix enables mining companies to closely monitor leading risk indicators, and to be forewarned of potential incidents. The risk-based architecture of IsoMetrix allows simultaneous risk assessment across all disciplines. Every incident sparks a re-evaluation.

While the impact of many risks cuts across disciplines such as environmental, health, safety or social, these disciplines are often managed in silos. IsoMetrix software enables an holistic understanding of risk indicators and consequences. It also helps you focus on leading indicators, instead of the more usual focus on lagging indicators.

The breadth of the solution allows mining companies to go beyond EHS management, using one dashboard to cover related areas such as enterprise risk, compliance, quality, stakeholder engagement, resettlement, socio-economic development and business continuity management.

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