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Food & Agriculture

Organizations active in the food and agriculture sector may include those involved in farming, fisheries, and land and water resources. This industry is not only vitally important from a consumer perspective, but also provides livelihoods to millions of workers throughout the world.  

With such a large population of workers employed within this sector, providing safe and sustainable working conditions for employees is a top priority for organizations operating in this industry. 

EHS and ESG challenges for food and agriculture companies 

Organizations operating in the food and agriculture industry face a variety of EHS and ESG-related challenges. These may include:  

  • Food contamination 
  • Detecting bacterial or viral outbreaks 
  • Employing important sanitary and phytosanitary (plant health) standards 
  • Introducing fertilizers containing phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium to agricultural fields 
  • Dealing with falling water tables 
  • Freshwater usage, conservation, and contamination 
  • Livestock methane emissions 
  • Humane and ethical farming practices and treatment of animals  
  • Rising temperatures due to global warming affecting crop yields 
  • Deforestation and land clearing 
  • Ecosystem and wildlife preservation 
  • Equitable working conditions for agriculture workers 
  • Soil management and conservation 

Digitally transform your operations with our EHS and ESG software 

IsoMetrix software will enable your food and agriculture company to: 

  • Record detailed incident information including injuries, illnesses, near misses, hazards, environmental releases, and other workplace events 
  • Set automated notifications and safety-related reminders to reduce risk and the likelihood of costly incidents 
  • Improve compliance visibility, effectively manage permits, and meet regulatory obligations that food and agriculture companies must comply with 
  • Capture relevant environmental data such as greenhouse gas emissions using data requests, inspections, and surveys 
  • Calculate your carbon footprint using our in-built calculation engine 
  • Use intuitive and configurable dashboards to track your EHS and ESG performance against set goals and targets, and analyze where there may be room for improvement 
  • Create actions and action plans to drive your EHS and ESG strategies, and address data which does not conform to requirements 
  • Collaborate with team members, enabling more efficient internal networking, at scale 
  • Report on EHS and ESG matters to internal and external stakeholders easier, faster, and more accurately than ever before 

Experience the benefits of effectively managing your EHS and ESG operations 

  • Improved health and safety of your agricultural workforce  
  • Ethical and sustainable farming practices, reduced environmental impacts, and positively affected social factors such as your workforce diversity and inclusion 
  • Comprehensive, accurate, and efficient reporting on your agricultural ESG and sustainability performance 
  • Meeting and exceeding government and industry food and agriculture sustainability standards 

Crucial solution modules

Our following software modules are important for managing the EHS and ESG performance of food and agriculture companies. 


 Our compliance with international standards  

Our software enables food and agriculture companies to monitor and measure adherence to various international safety, quality, and sustainability standards. 

  • ISO 9001: Quality 

  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management 

  • ISO 17025: Testing and Calibration Laboratories 

  • ISO 22001: Food Safety Management 

  • ISO 26000: Guidance on Social Responsibility 

  • ISO 31000: Risk Management

  • ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety 

Want to see if our EHS or ESG management software is for you? 

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