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Sustainability Regulations are Evolving.

Are you Prepared for the EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)?

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is a tariff on carbon-intensive products imported by the EU and is initially being applied to products in various carbon-intensive sectors such as aluminium, cement, iron, and steel.

Exporters outside the EU will need to demonstrate that their products meet specific emissions benchmarks or pay the CBAM levy. This, in turn, will require robust reporting and verification mechanisms to ensure accurate assessment of any emissions associated with the production of the imported goods.

IsoMetrix Lumina ESG software is the ideal tool to assist your business in navigating this new sustainability regulation.


CBAM takes effect in 2026, with reporting expected to apply from
1 October 2023

IsoMetrix Lumina

A Modern ESG Solution from the Most Trusted Name in EHS

How Can IsoMetrix Lumina Help?

CBAM Icons-Reports

CBAM Compliance Made Easy

Align data to CBAM and other sustainability reporting formats to generate the required comprehensive reports more efficiently, consistently, and with a reduced administrative burden.

Upstream and Downstream Emissions Management

Manage upstream and downstream emissions data effectively with comprehensive records and audit trails.

A Built-in Carbon Calculation Engine

Streamline carbon calculation of imported goods, including production and transport emissions, to adhere to CBAM requirements accurately and consistently.

Improved Data Quality and Collaboration

Unlock investor-grade data and enhanced collaboration throughout your business with multiple data acquisition methods, evidence attachments, and comments at the data point level.

Don't wait until CBAM compliance becomes a daunting challenge!

Embrace the regulation with IsoMetrix Lumina ESG software.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn how IsoMetrix Lumina can empower your business in a carbon-conscious world.

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