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Case Study: EnviroServ

Leading waste management provider EnviroServ bolsters SHEQ management with IsoMetrix

Quick facts

Industry: Waste services
Number of employees: 1950
Number of sites: 26

Project overview

EnviroServ, a leading waste management company founded in 1979, chose IsoMetrix as their software solution for safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) management. After analyzing numerous software offerings on the market, EnviroServ found IsoMetrix to be the best equipped to meet all their SHEQ requirements.

With a diverse operational portfolio – including management of general and hazardous waste, waste beneficiation, recycling, and on-site waste management – it was essential for EnviroServ to have a central point from which to drive the business’s SHEQ management initiatives. EnviroServ is a multi-national business and continuing to grow. In addition to choosing a solution that could fulfill their SHEQ needs, it was imperative to find a partner that could scale with the company.

Finally, EnviroServ needed a platform that could not only manage general SHEQ processes, but also streamline those processes that are unique to the waste industry – a key driver in their final decision to purchase IsoMetrix. They desired a solution that could facilitate and enhance regulatory compliance, permit management, stakeholder engagement, all while furthering a commitment to achieving zero harm.

“Since implementing IsoMetrix we have reduced our LTIFR in 2008 from 2.74 to an industry leading figure of 0.52 in 2021 across all sites.”

Greg Alborough, Risk Manager at EnviroServ

Goals and desired outcomes of the project

EnviroServ’s objective was to adopt a fully integrated electronic SHEQ management system that could replace their manual, paper-based processes and significantly reduce the time allocated to common tasks. They wanted the ability to record all incidents in real-time and address non-conformances immediately. With instant EHS reporting and management capabilities the company could move towards a more efficient, proactive approach to risk management.

Challenges faced during selection and implementation

Challenge no.1

During the software selection process, EnviroServ, like many other companies, faced the inevitable struggle of finding a solution that met all their specifications while remaining within the desired budget.


IsoMetrix’s agile framework and customization capabilities enabled EnviroServ to meet every specific requirement. Any functionality that was not offered out-of-the box was custom-built to ensure successful implementation. The system is flexible, making it easy to tailor all IsoMetrix solutions to individual business needs without a hefty price tag attached.

“The user friendliness and flexibility of IsoMetrix surpasses that of any other system I have been exposed to.”

Greg Alborough, Risk Manager at EnviroServ

Challenge no.2

During implementation, EnviroServ ran into another age-old issue of change management. Employees who have grown accustomed to the procedures in place are often reluctant to change, and if those employees are generally unfamiliar with electronic SHEQ management systems the rollout becomes all the more difficult.


IsoMetrix’s configurable, roles-based system reduced the burden of persuading employees with no previous SHEQ software experience to buy-in. Each group of users, such as managers and front-line employees, have an interface, layout, and functionality set tailored to their needs. Managers can access high-level overviews of the business and operations while front-line employees will see the modules used to complete inspections, record incidents, and fill out reports.

Because platform functionality is set up according to how each individual uses IsoMetrix, the intimidation and complexity factors often associated with EHS digitization are significantly reduced.

“IsoMetrix has increased the accuracy and efficiency of our reporting. We save hours per day once spent on manual, paper-based procedures. We have successfully shifted to a fully integrated approach for risk management and gained a holistic understanding of our business operations from upper management down to the front-line.”

Greg Alborough, Risk Manager at EnviroServ

Challenge no.3

Given the size of the company, EnviroServ faced the challenge of implementing a SHEQ management system across many sites in a short time.


EnviroServ dedicated staff to conduct one-on-one training across all their sites, which resulted in the successful deployment and full adoption of IsoMetrix.

A success story

After deploying IsoMetrix, EnviroServ met every single desired objective without going over budget for the project. IsoMetrix now helps the company maintain compliance with their integrated SHEQ management systems and provides them with the information required to pass annual audits for ISO 17025, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications.

Powerful dashboards make it easy to view all open and overdue actions which has resulted in a significant reduction in those items. The dashboards provide strong business analytics, allowing management to analyze trends and easily identify key risk areas. Reports detailing a wide range of live data can be pulled at any time of day to give an accurate, complete, and up-to-date overview of the business.

Record-keeping and a reduction in paper-usage has improved considerably, and time spent on manual tasks has been minimized. Using IsoMetrix, EnviroServ has increased the accuracy and efficiency of their reporting. They save hours per day once spent on manual, paper-based procedures. They have successfully shifted from a culture of compliance to a culture of commitment to proactive risk management, with a focus on leading rather than lagging indicators.

“EnviroServ’s longstanding relationship with IsoMetrix has allowed us to develop bespoke modules over time using the current platform. We have developed our SHEQ planning board, Headline Risks module, Behavioral Based Safety module and many customized reporting tools and dashboards.”

Greg Alborough, Risk Manager at EnviroServ

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