Meet our management team

Alistair James 1

Alistair James, Non-executive Chairman

Alistair has been IsoMetrix’s non-executive chairman since 2000. He has over 30 years experience dealing with a wide range of technical, environmental and social issues for a range of industries, legal advisers, and financial clients.

Alistair is a recognized international specialist in providing sustainable solutions to mine waste and water management issues. He has been a registered professional engineer since 1989.

Dennis Marketos 2

Dennis Marketos, Managing Director

Dennis was one of the founders of IsoMetrix in 2003, and acted as a non-executive director until 2013 when he joined full time as IsoMetrix’s managing director.

A graduate of the University of Cape Town, Dennis has been in the information technology industry (IT) since 1998 and has co-founded several IT companies, including Bluekey, the largest SAP Business One partner in Africa. Dennis brings a deep understanding of what makes an IT business successful and has ensured the company has a solid foundation on which to base our future growth. Dennis was identified in 2013 by Endeavor as a High Impact Entrepreneur.

Paul de Kock

Paul de Kock, Director: Product Strategy

The original visionary in the company, Paul saw the need for an integrated management system for complex businesses. In 1996, he built the first version of the software, an EMS designed around ISO 14000, in Microsoft Access.

Paul has been the driving force behind the evolution of IsoMetrix from an EMS tool, to a SHEQ system, to the current comprehensive suite of integrated risk management solutions. Most at home in the bushveld or at the back of a canoe, Paul has a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science from the University of Natal. He was identified in 2013 by Endeavor as a High Impact Entrepreneur.

Paul Marketos

Paul Marketos, Director

Paul was a co-founder of IsoMetrix in 2003. He has a degree in computer science as well as a master’s degree in English literature from the University of Cape Town.

Paul started out as a programmer but over the past 17 years has focused on solution selling and business development. Happy to embrace change and things out of the ordinary, Paul once spent seven months driving a Bedford truck across Africa, and a year in a caravan touring Australia with his wife and three kids. He was identified in 2013 by Endeavor as a High Impact Entrepreneur.

John Castner

John Castner, Managing Director: Americas

John has over a decade’s experience in EH&S, having been responsible for setting up and growing the USA office of CMO, a leading product in this space.

While he might not be able to run the 5 000m in 14:14, like he could when he was interstate college champion way back when, John is still highly energetic and enjoying the challenge of building the IsoMetrix North American team to become our largest office.

Cecilia Jofre

Cecilia Jofré, Chief Sales Officer | Director

Fluent in four languages, Cecilia joined IsoMetrix in April 2016 in South Africa and moved to Toronto in 2019 to accelerate our growth strategy. With over 20 years’ experience in GRC – gained during a long and successful career in the Corporate world (Arthur Andersen, IBM, Standard Bank) and as a member of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA) , Cecilia has a deep passion for, and understanding of, corporate governance and sustainability. She has a masters degree in administration science from the University of Buenos Aires, is a master scuba diver and dances a mean salsa.

Zander Rautenbach

Zander Rautenbach, Director: Technology

Zander, the company’s chief software architect, is the brains behind the latest, hyper-agile version of IsoMetrix. A technology genius, Zander is constantly innovating to ensure our software stays ahead of the competition. Zander joined IsoMetrix in 2008 and holds a certificate in scientific computing from the International School for Scientific Computing.

Conrad Moller

Conrad Moller, Managing Director: Australia

Conrad started at IsoMetrix in 2008 and quickly developed into an all-rounder, getting involved in implementations, training, sales and account management. This experience set him up perfectly for his bold move to Australia where he set up the IsoMetrix office in Perth in 2013. Conrad is highly determined and holds customer happiness as his highest concern. He also has a fairly decent golf handicap.

Benoit Froment

Benoit Froment, Director: Latin America

When Benoit joined IsoMetrix in 2015 to open our first North American office in Canada, he had already amassed strong international experience working for the World Bank in Latin America and he has over a decade’s experience implementing enterprise solutions for the extractive industries. Fluent in Spanish, English and his native French, he runs our South American operations from Toronto. His overall experience in Latin America has made him the natural person to engage with partners and run our expansion in this active part of the world.

Lucille Hallowes

Lucille Hallowes, Director: Operations

Armed with a doctorate in hydrology from the University of Natal, Lucille has been with IsoMetrix since its inception. A perfectionist’s perfectionist, Lucille can be credited with pushing our development team to develop software agile enough to give our customers what they want. She is also responsible for ensuring our processes around projects, support services and quality assurance are well defined and closely adhered to.

Rigby Stott

Rigby Stott, Director: North America

Prior to joining IsoMetrix in 2010, Rigby was a serial entrepreneur, helping to build a number of IT businesses over a career of more than 15 years.

He has a bachelor’s degree in development economics. Rigby is a director of IsoMetrix in North America and is a subject matter expert in HSE, enterprise risk, compliance and social sustainability. Not someone you would call quiet or unassuming, Rigby’s strong drive and dedication to customer satisfaction have been instrumental in a number of multi-national customers trusting IsoMetrix.

Robin Bolton

Robin Bolton, Executive Head: Sustainability

Robin has been in the environmental, social and sustainability field since 2000 as a consultant with a main focus on the mining, oil and gas and infrastructure sectors as well as with financial institutes.

His key experience is in integrated management systems, water efficiencies, environmental authorizations, environmental monitoring, ESG, auditing and feasibility studies, international lending requirements, mine closure, environmental and social risks and the environmental and social license to operate.

He has taken on the role of a sustainability specialist within IsoMetrix with the designation of Executive Head: Sustainability.

Andrea Turk

Andrea Turk, Chief Marketing Officer

Andrea joined IsoMetrix in 2018, bringing with her more than 10 years’ marketing experience. She’s developed growth strategies for global B2B brands in software and financial services. Andrea has a penchant for numbers and flair for languages and has lived in several countries including the UK, USA, and Spain. She brings a truly global perspective to the IsoMetrix brand.