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Join our dynamic and fast-growing team as we take on the world of Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Work in an egalitarian environment where performance is rewarded, and criticisms open and constructive; where we value ideas and take ownership.

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Sally Shute
Every day at IsoMetrix presents a new opportunity to learn and grow, a new challenge to meet. We have a diverse team, made up of developers, business analysts, customer service and so on. Yet, everyone is connected by a commonality, the company DNA. Everyone has the same value structure. Our leaders are my kind of people. They are normal people that you can have a laugh with. At the same time, they uphold personal accountability. IsoMetrix software is designed for people like me; non-developers. It is a simple drag-and-drop process, allowing you to create your own modules – without needing programming skills – and feel quite proud of what you have created. We are going places! We are going global and fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the GRC software space. I am excited to a part of it, and to contribute to that growth.
We develop IsoMetrix software in-house, which gives you more control over how the software is customized. The software needs to work in multiple scenarios, so your code must be flexible enough to accommodate all our clients from various industries. That said, it should also be written in such a way that we can build future functionality on top of existing code, from a developer’s perspective. We work in a fast-changing environment that challenges you to be a better developer. Technology moves so quickly that you have to keep up with it, if you stop innovating, you will fall behind. We are constantly expanding our software capability, with a clear product roadmap that encompasses areas such as mobile applications and integration. It is a great learning environment for a developer. I work with a diverse but cohesive team. We a unique, and balanced group of people. There is a strong team spirit within IsoMetrix. We build each other up built for mutual success.
Sally ShuteBenoit Froment
Even though I am based in Canada, the South African team have gone above and beyond to remove the barriers of distance. We are not alone, there are at least five people in marketing and sales who work with the North American operations also. Skype and WhatsApp allow the Canadian team to feel like they are in Johannesburg. It’s like we are in the same office but we just don’t eat the same cake at the moment to celebrate our colleagues’ birthdays! I like the fact that IsoMetrix is a South African based company. For me, SA is a symbol of cultural diversity. Canada is also a country of diversity. For example, here in Toronto more than 50% of the people were not born in Canada. As a French guy married to a Latin-American woman, living in Canada, working for a South African company and managing clients in North America and South America, I feel like I embrace this culture.
IsoMetrix allows me to exercise my passion in writing, technology and making a concrete, sustainable difference in the world we live in. The technology is exciting because it is progressive. We are at the forefront of technology that helps large organizations to regulate themselves, and operate sustainably. This is an environment that encourages creativity and innovative thinking. Ideas are valued, regardless of the source. It is an environment where individuals are encouraged to play to their strengths for collective success, constantly striving to do better, together. There is no resting on laurels here, every day presents an opportunity to improve on the day before.