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Report ESG metrics efficiently, accurately and in alignment with relevant standards and frameworks.

IsoMetrix is a world-leader in ESG management and reporting software. Companies in over 100 countries use our award-winning products to improve their operational performance, reduce risks and costs, eliminate errors, and manage their ESG operations.

IsoMetrix has now released the world's first all-in-one ESG management solution. Built using the latest technology, our newly-developed IsoMetrix LuminaTM platform hosts our innovative new ESG management application.

It's flexible, scalable, and intuitive to use, and its out-of-the-box format enables you to comprehensively manage and report on your ESG and sustainability performance quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about our IsoMetrix LuminaTM ESG application.

ESG reporting challenges

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Although companies recognize that a robust ESG strategy is critical to attract capital and succeed in today’s market, many are not positioned to gather the necessary ESG metrics to respond to the current pressure from stakeholders.

Teams are left in the dark about how to compile the required reports. They are often unable to access important ESG data, which is commonly buried in silos, point solutions, spreadsheets, or worse – in some cases the data was never collected in the first place.

IsoMetrix Lumina's market-leading ESG app supports corporate sustainability and management professionals in the collection of key data necessary to report ESG metrics efficiently, accurately and in alignment with relevant standards and frameworks, as well as to raise and manage related actions to improve overall ESG performance.

Highlights of IsoMetrix's new ESG application include:

  • The ability to gather data directly from people using data requests, inspections, and surveys
  • Built-in and maintained ESG reporting standards - users can align to pre-existing SASB, GRI, WEF, TCFD templates
  • The ability to utilize the same data for multiple requests, eliminating duplication and saving time and effort
  • The capability to collaborate with other team members and employees within the tool, improving accuracy and process efficiency
  • Fully digital and primed for audit - all actions are logged and tracked

After imple­ment­ing the IsoMetrix solu­tion, we now have a con­sol­i­dat­ed view of the ESG indi­ca­tors that are mate­r­i­al to our oper­a­tions. This has enabled us to iden­ti­fy the risks and oppor­tu­ni­ties that have an impact on the per­for­mance of our busi­ness. IsoMetrix has also giv­en us the abil­i­ty to imple­ment and mon­i­tor ini­tia­tives that mit­i­gate these risks and enhance our oppor­tu­ni­ties. Hav­ing a sin­gle source of ESG truth also means that our stake­hold­ers are always kept up to date with our ESG progress.“

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