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Eliminate the time consuming task of collecting data from decentralized business units.

The Challenges

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has rapidly become a central focus for investors who once relied more heavily on financial figures like debt retained, value of assets owned, and revenue trends as true risk indicators. The new investor demand for ESG metrics has left companies scrambling to first understand what ESG is, and then quickly implement a plan to meet and exceed stakeholder expectations.

Although companies recognize that a robust ESG strategy is critical to attract capital and succeed in today’s market, many are not positioned to gather the necessary ESG metrics to respond to the current pressure from stakeholders. Teams are left in the dark about how to compile the required reports. They are often unable to access important ESG data, which is commonly buried in silos, point solutions, spreadsheets, or worse – in some cases the data was never collected in the first place.

Furthermore, the essential yet time consuming task of implementing a successful ESG program frequently rests on the shoulders of leaders across multiple departments – including EHS, Sustainability, Social, and Risk – in addition to their existing workloads.

The IsoMetrix Solution

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The IsoMetrix ESG solution is a one-stop-shop for complete ESG management. It combines features of our award-winning Environmental, Health and Safety software solution, our Social Sustainability software solution, and our Environmental Sustainability software solution, with an innovative build to make reporting to the various ESG standards more efficient.

Our centralized ESG management system is purely agnostic and allows you to collect data, report on any ESG standard or framework, and proactively manage your business risk all in one place. The integrated solution saves time spent searching for information and reduces the reporting burden faced by sustainability leaders in large organizations that operate in multiple industries and locations. It also eliminates duplication of work by capturing a single data set and then applying it to many questionnaires asking for the same information.

The software promotes a holistic view of the entire process of ESG reporting – from initially gathering and storing the data through to the final reporting and viewing of the data – in a completely secure system. This makes it easy to standardize ESG information, and therefore spot hidden trends, compare, and analyze ESG data across different business units.

For more information about how the IsoMetrix ESG software solution can help your organization increase ESG transparency, accountability, and streamline reporting, download the product brochure or schedule a demo.

After imple­ment­ing the IsoMetrix solu­tion, we now have a con­sol­i­dat­ed view of the ESG indi­ca­tors that are mate­r­i­al to our oper­a­tions. This has enabled us to iden­ti­fy the risks and oppor­tu­ni­ties that have an impact on the per­for­mance of our busi­ness. IsoMetrix has also giv­en us the abil­i­ty to imple­ment and mon­i­tor ini­tia­tives that mit­i­gate these risks and enhance our oppor­tu­ni­ties. Hav­ing a sin­gle source of ESG truth also means that our stake­hold­ers are always kept up to date with our ESG progress.“

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