Carbon Footprint Management

Manage your carbon footprint and reduce the risk of being non-compliant.

Carbon footprint management forms an important part of ESG management. Our current problem with global warming dictates that every company needs to keep a close eye on its carbon emissions, and manage its carbon footprint accordingly.

The IsoMetrix Carbon Footprint Management solution provides a turnkey solution that allows you to calculate, track, report and manage your carbon footprint.

IsoMetrix offers a transparent and agile solution that caters for the diverse number of methods required to produce analytics. As standard, the solution records a full history of emission factors as they are updated, allows different units to be used and visually displays organizational performance.

“The inevitable move towards low carbon operations starts with the identification of sources and quantification of the associated emissions. Integrating greenhouse gas accounting into your financial- and risk- accounting systems makes sense and allows for accurate estimation of your business performance; including the transition to a low carbon climate resilient organization.” Silvana Claassen, Senior Carbon Adviser at Carbon Neutral Group.

IsoMetrix has launched a state-of-the-art environmental, social and governance (ESG) application, built on an all-new SaaS platform named IsoMetrix LuminaTM. Our ESG product supports corporate sustainability and management professionals in the collection of key data necessary to report ESG metrics efficiently, accurately and in alignment with relevant standards and frameworks, as well as to raise and manage related actions to improve overall ESG performance.

Learn more about our IsoMetrix LuminaTM ESG application.


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