Partners of IsoMetrix

IsoMetrix partners with organizations around the globe to deliver the most comprehensive environment, health, safety and quality software solutions to our customers.

To learn more about the benefits in partnering with IsoMetrix, contact our Partner Management Team.

Strategic Partner

Endeavor Global

Endeavor is a non-profit organization set up to assist high-impact entrepreneurs in taking their businesses to the next level. Established in Silicon Valley, Endeavor now has more than 50 offices across the world and has supported 1233 entrepreneurs from 755 companies. IsoMetrix founders, Paul de Kock, Dennis and Paul Marketos were selected to join Endeavor in May 2013.

Technology Partner


IoT.nxt technology allows businesses to create a digital overview of their entire organization, including both old and new technology, equipment and processes, and draw insight from the data their connected ‘things’ generate. Their technology allows all systems, processes, machinery and ‘things’ to communicate with each other, and you to have a clear overview of what’s happening in every part of your business, without disrupting business operations.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

IsoMetrix is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft is the core technology stack on which IsoMetrix is developed. Microsoft is the world’s leading producer of computer software. Their flexible solutions help customers grow and adapt to changing business environments while improving efficiency and getting the most out of their IT investments. Their partner network allows us to accelerate our traditional, mobile and cloud strategies to unlock new experiences for our customers.


MineRP is a South-African based company with an international presence on five continents. MineRP amalgamates spatial big data for a whole of business or enterprise view of the entire extractive operation. MineRP has created an unrivalled platform to represent the science of mining and translate this domain to commercially focused business systems. IsoMetrix and MineRP’ software products provide a combined ecosystem that facilitates real-time management of risk, hazards and critical controls, underpinned by three-dimensional spatial visualization.

Qlik Partner OEM

IsoMetrix is a Qlik Partner and have signed a global OEM agreement. Qlik is an acknowledged leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and the number one Business Discovery product on the market. Qlik offers unparalleled dashboard, trending and analytical functionality. The OEM agreement means that Qlik is embedded in IsoMetrix, providing every IsoMetrix user with access to the analytics and dashboards.


Synatic is a nimble, simple, and powerful data automation and integration platform that allows enterprises to seamlessly build and automate their business systems. Synatic empowers enterprises to solve their unique automation and integration challenges, providing the ability to iterate faster and get the most out of their data. With a distinctive SWaS model, the Synatic team offers complete system support through the integration project, allowing organizations to focus on core business needs. Through a user-friendly interface and a wide range of pre-built connectors and solutions, Synatic delivers the right data, to the right people at the right time.

Implementation Partner


Frostbyte Consulting is one of the world’s leading providers of EHS business information solutions. With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, we have over twenty years of experience working with some of the largest businesses and industries around the world. Our team draws on deep experience in a diverse range of fields, including management consulting, regulatory compliance and information technology. That diverse range of expertise allows us to offer a wide range of unique technology services and support: from software implementation to process optimization, governance and regulatory compliance. Our team of highly experienced and certified EHS professionals can help you stay on the cutting edge.


Golder is a global company providing consulting, design, and construction services in earth, environment, and related areas of energy. Golder serves the manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, power, urban development and infrastructure sectors. IsoMetrix collaborates with Golder Digital Solutions Group to implement our technological solutions.

Huco Consulting

Huco Consulting is the largest North American consulting firm concentrating only on supporting EHS management information systems. Huco helps with the setup, support and content for your IsoMetrix environment, in order to improve your organization’s management of compliance, risk and performance.


Laragon is a dynamic consulting firm based in Spain, with fast-growing international projection. They implement high impact, state of the art solutions to align organizations with their sustainability strategies. Their 13 years of experience implementing leading edge software solutions for Environmental & Sustainability Management, Health & Safety, Compliance & Governance Monitoring and Risk Management for global companies in a broad range of industries, makes them our natural partner for implementation in Europe and Latin America.

Advisory Partner

Embellie Advisory

Embellie Advisory is an international consulting company providing ESG expertise and risk assessments for sustainable investments in the Americas, Africa, and West and Southeast Asia. Embellie Advisory tailors its consulting services to help companies meet the challenges and risks that they face in emerging markets, such as obtaining social license to operate, due diligence and opportunity monitoring, management of stakeholder relations, community participation and inclusive development.


Foundamentality is a Mexican-based consulting company specializing in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) management and active in Latin America. Foundamentality collaborates with some of the major mining and oil & gas companies, like PEMEX, Petrobras and Industrias Peñoles, in the development and implementation of safety strategies.

HSEQ Camero Consulting

HSEQ Camero Consulting is a Colombian and Dominican based company providing consulting services in Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Management. Their main customers are in the Oil & Gas, mining, pharmaceutical, and agricultural sectors. HSEQ Camero Consulting and IsoMetrix partner in Latin America.

McEniry & Co

McEniry & Co “MaC” is a Canadian based consulting company specialized in Corporate Responsibility and Stakeholder Communications. MaC helps clients earn trust and operate responsibly in their communities through scaled social and sustainability strategies, plans and management systems, as well as training and capacity building. MaC also offers communications campaigns, reports and digital content to tell the story of their ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) performance. MaC operates globally with a strong network of partners across the Americas and worldwide.


RealFin is a Botswana based company operating from Gaborone. The company provides innovative ICT solutions including ERP implementations, software support, ICT consulting and project management services tailored to help our clients realize value from their ICT investments.


SafetySA is a global solutions company within the safety, assurance and risk management industry, leveraging technology intelligence to make organisations safer.

Sustainable Strategies

Sustainable Strategies is a social, environmental and sustainability boutique consulting firm active in Latin America. Founded in 2010, Sustainable Strategies works closely with responsible developers, investors, and decision makers to ensure projects are socially, environmentally and economically viable. They develop strategies that foster competitive advantages and long-lasting positive impacts on the societies in which their clients operate.

Content Partner


3E, formerly Verisk 3E, delivers intelligent compliance solutions that empower companies to reduce risk, drive continuous improvement, and create new growth opportunities. For more than 30 years, 3E has provided clients with the expertise, content, live 24-7-365 environmental health and safety (EHS) support, and award winning solutions required to increase chemical and workplace safety, improve product safety and stewardship, strengthen supply chain stewardship, and optimize research and development decision support.

Implex Consulting

Implex is a dedicated Safety, Health and Environmental (SH&E) Legal Compliance consultancy, founded in May 2005. Implex brings sought after legal qualifications, professional legal methodology supported by technical contributions and multi-client industrial and mining experience to the SH&E services market in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, Lesotho, Mozambique and the DRC, with a continually expanding footprint.