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Risk at the Heart of Business: How Multi-National Omnia Manages Risk Across 44 Sites

Since implementing IsoMetrix, Omnia has benefited from having a broad view of risk within the organization, and across disciplines and business units. Data now flows to where it belongs, from system to system and into the real-time management dashboards. By automating the endto- end process of EHS management and reporting, the Omnia EHS management team can now direct their focus and attention where it is needed most.

In charge of managing and reporting Environmental, Health and Safety metrics at Omnia, the diversified agriculture, mining and chemicals conglomerate is Kavita Pema (Group Executive: Sustainability). On entering the role, Kavita inherited a legacy system of reporting that was inefficient and largely spreadsheet based. She knew there was a better way of doing things and set about finding a suitable software vendor. Omnia was looking a vendor with a good reputation as a best practice software provider and long history in the industry. A non-negotiable requirement was that the provider had a proven track record of excellent integration capabilities, so data could be linked with other functionality and modules within the Omnia environment.

IsoMetrix offered a superior solution with the ability to tightly integrate with other solutions, and was ultimately chosen from a shortlist of six other providers.


Implementing the solution

Risk management is at the heart of the business IsoMetrix’s intensive scoping sessions prior to implementation gave Omnia the opportunity to re-evaluate and streamline internal processes. Omnia was able to weed out redundancies and duplications in their processes, and fill gaps where they were found.

This gave the organization a greater awareness of the nature of risk as a group-wide function, and the realization that there was a broader business imperative. Omnia is now reaping the benefits of increased efficiencies in data capture and reporting as well as systematic audits and streamlined inspections.

Fantastic user-friendliness, integration and support

Kavita emphasizes that there are many advantages to using IsoMetrix, but her favorite feature is its intuitive user interface. The wider team at Omnia could immediately see how it would align with their business processes. It is simple to use and agile, meaning any changes required to adapt to Omnia’s evolving requirements are easily accommodated.

Omnia also benefited from the collaborative nature of working with the IsoMetrix Team. Kavita explains, “Where we may have missed something, the IsoMetrix team quickly picked up on those gaps and, using their expertise in risk management software, advised us on solutions to fill those gaps. This gave us a great solution that works really well.” Integration has been a vital factor in the implementation, and IsoMetrix has been successfully integrated with a range of other systems including Microsoft Dynamics, Libryo and SharePoint.

Digitizing a custom legal register with Libryo

Digitizing legal management and linking it to risk was a key success factor in Omnia’s risk management strategy. Omnia already had a customized, site-specific legal register solution in place with Libryo, and needed IsoMetrix to be able to integrate with their existing system.

Omnia implemented Libryo to create alignment and consistency across the group. The implementation gave Omnia peace of mind, clarity and certainty regarding their legal requirements and compliance matters. They could also cross-compare one site with another seamlessly.

Omnia’s legal library contains:

  • 687 Laws
  • 5,636 Sections of Law
  • 44 “Libryo Streams” collections of applicable national, provincial and local laws that are tracked for ongoing legal updates. Whenever a regulation changes, users and managers of each site are notified and can instantly view the update and how to remain compliant.

About Libryo

Libryo Logo

Libryo is an automated, cloudbased platform that helps organisations know the law that applies to their business, in every jurisdiction. Libryo makes it easier to know the law by filtering, configuring and tracking unique legal registers, enabling people to quickly navigate regulatory complexity with clarity and certainty.

Founded in 2016 with headquarters in London, Libryo operates all over the world helping over 13,000 users across 350+ organisations.

Unparalleled reporting capability

Replacing spreadsheet based reporting with a dynamic system that allows for drill-downs, cross-business unit comparisons and intuitive trend analysis has revolutionized Omnia’s approach to reporting. Kavita and her team are able to create their own dashboards and storyboards, which are always available. The onerous task of compiling reports is now a distant memory.

“I personally find the dashboards very valuable. From a management perspective, dashboards really assist in making decisions by being able to accurately gauge how things are going. It shows us where the areas of focus are, and where we should be placing more attention. From that perspective it has been very useful,” says Kavita.

Compliance managers now have access to intelligent reporting, that for example, displays obligations by site and lists any overdue actions in close to real time. Monthly reports are generated at a click of a button meaning less time is spent on administrative tasks, so more time can be dedicated to the tasks that make a difference.

Award-winning risk management

Omnia IRMSA Awards

Omnia was recently acknowledged as a winner of a risk management award bythe prestigious Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA). The judges commented that the combination of process change and technology led to a positive seachange in the management of risk within the business.

IsoMetrix software was mentioned for its role in this change - such a journey cannot be embarked upon without software to support it. Omnia praised the IsoMetrix team for their comprehensive industry knowledge and willingness to work together in a spirit of partnership.

Omnia now has an award-winning, enterprise-wide risk management system that is efficient, integrated and user-friendly. IsoMetrix has facilitated the evolution to ensuring risk management is at the heart of Omnia’s business.

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IsoMetrix Case Study Omnia IsoMetrix Case Study Omnia