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January 15, 2018
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March 13, 2018
GRC 20/20 User Experience Innovation Award 2017

GRC 20/20 User Experience Innovation Award 2017

IsoMetrix: Innovation in User Experience for EHS

GRC 20/20, a leading research organization focused on Governance Risk and Compliance, promulgates that managing risk in today’s world requires new thinking. This thinking understands the importance and interconnectedness of risks to maintain a competitive advantage in business. Organizations need to make risk-based decisions, but in order to do this they first need a clear understanding of what these risks are, which is difficult to achieve without a suitable EHS technology solution.

A new breed of GRC Software

GRC20/20 researched and evaluated IsoMetrix as a GRC solution provider, and published their finding in their report titled “IsoMetrix: Innovation in User Experience for EH&S”. The report finds that IsoMetrix is a highly adaptable solution, able to manage the multifaceted risks faced by large organizations. “IsoMetrix provides a new breed of GRC software that is intuitive and easy to use,” according to the report.

What sets IsoMetrix apart from other EHS software solutions is its ability to help “customers optimize their business with a platform that provides a solution for all elements of GRC, including; Environment, Health, Safety Quality, Enterprise and Operational Risk Management, Compliance, Sustainability, Primary Healthcare and Wellness and Social Performance Management.”

The power of IsoMetrix lies in the EHS software solution’s configurability and its ability to process highly complex information from multiple sources across the organization without sacrificing user experience. Dale Biagio, Development Manager: Web & Mobile at IsoMetrix explains: “In designing Version 4 of IsoMetrix we conducted extensive research into best practice for user experience and complemented this with our own user experience testing.”

GRC 20/20 explains that, “IsoMetrix customers typically have multiple sites, projects and facilities globally, they require a solution that allows each site and user to have its own unique experience, while feeding a centralized reporting and analytics for corporate insight.” To do this, the software needs to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible.

Prioritizing User Experience

The usability of IsoMetrix is what sets the software apart. Usability is a challenge in the GRC space, as is getting users to use the system. GRC 20/20 states that, “Accountability for actions, and thus accessing actions in a simple manner is a challenge when most users must navigate through a maze of buttons and clicks to simple say “I did this to resolve that.”

IsoMetrix V4 has a focus on user interface and user experience. There are multiple means by which users can easily interact with the solution, to quickly get to the right piece of information quickly, says the report.

“User experience is our first priority as developers. We know that no matter how sophisticated and amazing software might be, if users hate the system, no one will use it and our efforts will have been in vain,” says Dale. To make sure that the software delivers the best possible user experience, the IsoMetrix development team re-examined all aspects of the software’s front-end design. “We conducted a rigorous process of internal and external user experience testing, and we constantly revisit our interface design to find areas we can further improve and streamline.”

“Our overarching concern is that what we present to the user must be as simple and user friendly as possible. We endeavor to keep the complexity behind the scenes, and make sure the user’s experience is kept simple by only presenting them with the fields and data they need to excel at their jobs,” he explains. “Everything they see in front of them, in terms of content, must be meaningful to what they are trying to achieve.”

GRC 20/20 User Experience Innovation Award 2017

GRC 20/20 User Experience Innovation Award 2017

Breaking siloes

GRC 20/20’s report highlights the fact that a non-integrated approach to risk management impacts business performance and how it is managed and executed. Organizational siloes result in redundant or ineffective processes, poor visibility and unnecessary and often overwhelming complexity. Siloes make for cumbersome organizations that lack the agility to respond to risks effectively and holistically, inadvertently leaving the organization with greater exposure to risk and increased vulnerability.

Integrated risk management software is essential for managing an organization’s risks centrally. “Instead of having separate software applications to manage a broad range of operational risks across environmental, safety, health, quality and social, you can manage all of these risks in one central location, with no siloes and no miscommunications,” Dale says.

“At IsoMetrix, we help break down information silos,” he explains. “It is natural for each department in an organization to prioritize their own processes, but the dashboards in IsoMetrix bring together data from across the organization into a single view.” At a glance, executives can see an overview of the total health of the business.

“There are no data islands with IsoMetrix. All the data is integrated, and data can be pulled across different modules. Everything is inter-related, from objectives to risks, incidents, controls, findings, and actions,” he explains. “Furthermore, each record created allows users to attach an action to it. Someone is always responsible for an action, and this responsibility can be easily tracked within the system.”

Highly configurable software delivers the best results

The GRC20/20 report emphasizes that “IsoMetrix can grow and expand the organization. It can be easily implemented to meet simplistic GRC and EH&S management requirements for organizations just beginning a GRC management journey.”

According to the report, IsoMetrix builds software that allows users and solutions teams to configure their own software, and make GRC management processes efficient, effective, and agile in a dynamic business environment.

“We have an extremely configurable software, where we can easily tailor a solution for a customer, based on our Solution Templates,” explains Dale, “The Core Development department in IsoMetrix creates the tools or building blocks for our Solutions Team to configure solutions that exactly meet our customers’ requirements.”

IsoMetrix strikes a middle ground between the organization’s processes and industry best practice. “We do this by conducting comprehensive scoping sessions with our clients, making sure we understand their business requirements exactly. We strive to improve our clients’ processes where necessary, and deliver the best possible solution,” explains Dale. This configurability enables IsoMetrix to build solutions that provide a high quality of fit, without the need to modify processes to accommodate the limitations of a software product.

Benefits organizations have received with IsoMetrix

GRC 20/20 interviewed a number of IsoMetrix customers and found that the software provider was selected to replace either primarily manual systems or systems that were too cumbersome and lacked the ease of use and intuitiveness that IsoMetrix provides.

The report also remarks on the consistent praise IsoMetrix customers had for “the value of its ongoing cost of ownership, speed of deployment, return on investment, improved effectiveness and agility to reliably achieve objectives while reducing uncertainty and risk.”

Download and read the full report here.