In 2010, Transnet launched a Safety Culture Programme known as the Golden Safety League which runs across all four divisions: Freight Rail, Engineering, Ports and Pipelines. This programme was implemented using a sport league concept where participating sites are ranked according to their performance against a set of measures.


In keeping with the Sports league analogy, sites are referred to as clubs. The club name is determined by the employees at that particular site. Data, which is submitted monthly, is divided into “goals” where clubs earn points based on a predetermined formula, and “red cards” where clubs lose points.


Safety league “goal” measures include rate of attendance at shift meetings and safety symposiums; rate of actual safety training concluded to what was planned; number of planned job observations completed by supervisors; types of safety communication concluded; rates at which PPE is used; number of near misses reported; number of good safety practice slips issued; the frequency of breathalyser testing and the rate of referrals to the Employee Assistance Programme.


The “red card” measures include the number of people caught for alcohol or substance abuse whilst on duty; rate of unplanned leave; number of incidents with cost of damages reported; number of injuries on duty and number of disabling injuries.


This unique form of promoting health and safety within the company has been widely accepted and embraced with sites actively working on their health and safety in order to improve their rankings in the league.


The current system is on a software rental basis via a third party and not directly with the system developer. Transnet SOC has contracted IsoMetrix to build a solution which will run their system on Transnet’s own server. The system currently has 225 users and will be able to be upgraded to accommodate as many users as necessary for the system to be run successfully across the entire Transnet company.


All existing data dating back from August 2010 through to current data will need to be migrated on to the new system and will be visible in dashboards, powered by QlikView.


Metrix is proud to be associated with this innovative project that has been so successfully launched by Transnet.