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IsoMetrix recently attended the Verdantix Summit: Getting Value from EH&S information management. Verdantix is an independent analyst firm focussed on EH&S.

To the heart of the EH&S community

IsoMetrix recently attended the Verdantix Summit: Getting Value from EH&S information management. Verdantix is a leading independent analyst firm focused on the EH&S market.

The summit took place in Chicago and brought around 170 delegates to the heart of the Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) issues facing the community. This year’s agenda provided a comprehensive analysis of all the key issues facing EH&S managers. These issues were discussed by a panel of EH&S industry experts, executives, insiders, and vendors. Some of the highlights from the panel were:


1. Achieving best in class operational risk management with business intelligence:

Over the last five years, C-level executives have seen the opportunity to improve risk management across facilities by leveraging the data and processes of the EH&S team. Leading corporations have implemented best in class operational risk management frameworks by exploiting more powerful EH&S platforms with embedded business intelligence tools. Change management and investing in training were presented as the main challenges.


2. Closing the loop on incident management with integrated leading and lagging indicators:

Improving incident management is the most frequent driver for corporations to invest in better EH&S information management systems. The potential to reduce worker injuries, fatalities, regulatory fines and plant shutdowns provides the business case for a system upgrade. The most mature users of incident management software link data across the entire incident lifecycle to generate leading indicators that reduce the risk of incidents occurring. Transferring the focus from lagging to leading indicators produces stronger risk mitigation and reduces liabilities across areas such as LTIs and compensation claims.


3. Rationalizing legacy EH&S systems onto a single platform is the dominant vision for customers:

Verdantix research shows that the majority of corporations want to migrate from a patchwork of legacy EH&S applications and one-off databases to a single, integrated EH&S software platform. The pros and cons of moving to a single platform include securing funding, minimizing migration risk with IT project management and getting buy-in from multiple stakeholders to support the project.

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4. Getting to zero harm – software solutions improve safety metrics:

As Fortune 500 corporations raise the bar and seek to achieve “zero harm” operations, the pressure mounts on safety leaders to implement more robust processes and systems capable of delivering. Recent innovations in software for safety management include the use of native mobile apps, drones, wearable technologies, behavior-based safety tools and management of change functionality. Interfaces need to be quick and simple, especially on mobile.


5. Digital product stewardship solutions enhance chemicals management:

Everyday rules for complying with chemicals management get tougher whether it is due to changes in REACH, updates to TSCA or the launch of new GHS requirements. Corporations are facing challenges in the chemicals supply chain. Those current issues can be tackled with digital product stewardship solutions ranging from safety data sheet tools to RFID tags and online hazardous waste databases.


6. Best practices for getting value from an EH&S IT system:

The painful reality for most EH&S leaders is that persuading the CFO to invest in a more robust EH&S information management platform is a multi-year endeavor. Best practices exist to leverage existing IT systems and meet EH&S performance targets without large additional investments include. The main concern is data: “If you don’t use the information you collect, don’t collect it!”


7. Vision for technology enabled EH&S management: what next?

Too many EH&S software implementations fail because there was too much expectation that the software alone would solve the problem. There is a critical need to create a vision for the digitization of EH&S processes by establishing the target business outcomes first and then shaping the technology and process decisions to deliver those outcomes.

The IsoMetrix team is continuously monitoring EH&S trends to enhance their business solutions and provide the best technological tools to our customers. A new major version of the IsoMetrix technology (version 4) will be available by August 2016.



About the Author

Benoit Froment was appointed as Director: North America for Metrix Software Solutions in October 2015. Benoit is responsible for leading the IsoMetrix operations in the US and Canada, including Sales and Marketing, Implementation and Customer Support. He is also an IsoMetrix Subject Matter Expert in Social Sustainability.