Increase efficiency and reduce the risk of non-compliance with IsoMetrix’s Compliance Management and Legal Register solution

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For compliance management software to be effective, it needs to be repeatable, sustainable, and visible.

Traditionally, compliance is managed using a variety of stand-alone or spreadsheet-based systems. Such environments compromise efficiency and increase the risk of non-compliance because they do not provide clear visibility into an organization’s risk and compliance profiles.

The IsoMetrix Compliance Management software solution provides you with a central platform for integrated risk management that seamlessly integrates with other IsoMetrix solutions such as ERM, EHS, and Social Sustainability.

Legal Register

The compliance and regulatory landscape is constantly evolving, making it difficult to stay up to date. The IsoMetrix Compliance Management solution fully integrates with leading content providers to populate the solution’s Legal Compliance Universe with all the legislation and regulations material to your organization.

The Legal Update Bulletin sends users periodic updates of new acts, regulations, bills, draft regulations, notices, white papers and green papers, local and provincial legislation and newsworthy items in the legal universe. Additionally, News Flashes are sent to users informing them of the relevant notifications as and when they are published in Government Gazettes.


  • Gives the organization an all-encompassing view of its compliance universe
  • Integrates with 3rd party providers for a tailored legal and regulatory compliance universe
  • Enables consistent, repeatable compliance assessments against the requirements defined within the organization’s compliance universe
  • Streamlines control management, enabling process owners to take direct responsibility for managing controls while allowing auditors to focus on key compliance risks
  • Facilitates the tracking of action plans to address any identified non-compliance, compliance risk or deficient control
  • Provides comprehensive compliance dashboards which offer enterprise-wide visibility into compliance and highlight issues that need to be addressed
  • Provides seamless integration with IsoMetrix ERM, IsoMetrix HSE Management, and IsoMetrix Sustainability Management solutions


Our Compliance Management solution will help you comply with the following:

  • National and international legislation
  • King IV
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • GRI
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • ISO 31000

Modules in the Compliance Management Software solution

Integrated processes in the IsoMetrix Compliance Management Suite:

  • Compliance Assessment
  • Compliance Checklist
  • Compliance Universe
  • Non-compliance Register
  • Action Manager
  • Meeting Management


If you would like more detailed information about our Compliance Management Software solution, you can download our brochure:

IsoMetrix Compliance Brochure

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