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November 19, 2014
IsoMetrix Australia signs leading coal mining organisation
January 21, 2015

A local company, SHERQ Professionals, has partnered with a South Africa based company, Metrix Software Solutions, to bring governance, risk and compliance software to local Swaziland companies as well as government.

SHERQ Professionals bring risk and governance solution to Swaziland

A local company, SHERQ Professionals, has partnered with a South Africa based company, Metrix Software Solutions, to bring governance, risk and compliance software to local companies as well as government.

The Software, IsoMetrix, covered the full governance, risk and compliance spectrum from occupational health, safety and environmental management to quality, enterprise risk management as well as legal compliance and sustainability.

IsoMetrix director, Paul Marketos, said the system helped people in the organization understand where they were in terms of performance and how they could improve.

He said IsoMetrix provided organisations with an integrated and centralised system for all sustainability aspect information from capture through to inclusion in the organisations integrated report.

“The solution delivers reports according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 framework. The reporting information can easily be configured to any other standards to which the organisation complies. The platform enables an efficient internal or external audit of the information used to evaluate the organisations materiality performance indicators. The visual dashboards incorporated the solution and consolidated sustainability data across multiple sources into a single application,” he said during their presentation to different organisation and government officials at the Royal Villas.

Marketos said the solution gave business managers the ability to manage performance information flows to ensure that accurate information was fed through to determine the organisations various GRI G4 indicators as well as other customised reports.

He said it tracked the flow of all stocks, labour, services and substances through the organisation and measured as well as monitored the resulting impacts of business activity on communities and the environment. The director said IsoMetrix monitored development initiatives and asses the benefit thereof, adding that it also determined the efficient use of materials without affecting productivity and profitability.

He said it quickly analysed data to meet various objectives including data integrity, trend analysis and performance against strategic targets and compliance solutions. Marketos said assessed performance of actual information against strategic targets, strategic initiatives and compliance conditions and viewed sustainability aspect information from an overview perspective or from a determination of accuracy perspective at the point of capture.

He said it also set data threshold notifications when information captured exceeds set tolerance levels.

These result in automated actions for those responsible to investigate data inaccuracies. He said it was designed to meet most ISO standards requirements. The IsoMetrix sustainability management solution was a standardised web-based framework encompassing the management areas like the environment, society, labour and decent work. Other areas included supply chain, human resources, product responsibility and financial performance module.