Sasria, a leading supplier of short term “extraordinary” risk insurance, is the latest client to go live with IsoMetrix. Sasria has opted to use IsoMetrix for its full combined assurance approach to risk. The solution incorporates Compliance Management in conjunction with the Implex legal library, Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Audit.


Whilst the majority of the solutions will be used for internal process management and monitoring, the Audit module will also be used to assess Sasria’s agents’ compliance from a risk perspective.


Rigby Stott, Executive Head of Solutions at Metrix Software Solutions, says, “We have enjoyed working on the Sasria project which had a broad scope that aligns with our integrated approach to GRC. We not only had to replace their existing risk management system, Cura, but also included a range of processes that were previously managed through Excel and paper based processes, thus systemising their entire risk universe.”