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October 15, 2014
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November 17, 2014

QlikView OEM’d into governance, sustainability solution from IsoMetrix

IsoMetrix Software embeds QlikView analytics ahead of global drive.

QlikView, the business discovery tool lauded by Gartner for empowering business users with powerful, easy-to-use and easily modelled analytics, has signed an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) partner in South Africa – IsoMetrix.

Under the global agreement, QlikView has been embedded as the analytics component of the IsoMetrix.NET platform, used by companies to create a wide variety of governance applications.

Flexible Sustainability Solutions

IsoMetrix began developing governance and sustainability solutions in 2003, says MD Paul de Kock. Starting out in the safety, health, environmental, quality (SHEQ) and risk arenas, the company has since then broadened its reach into all other areas of business governance.

“Whether the customer’s need is for managing water or energy usage, incident occurrence, meetings and minutes, risk or time and attendance, our platform offers the functionality and data aggregation components to facilitate easy governance and reporting.”

De Kock says IsoMetrix built its reputation on the IsoMetrix.NET platform’s easy, almost limitless configurability. “Without the help of developers, business users can custom-create complex, powerful sustainability solutions for practically any application,” he explains.

For example, a IsoMetrix client increased the functionality of their SHEQ application procured from IsoMetrix by a full 50% without the software vendor’s assistance.

The need for QlikView

But while IsoMetrix.NET is great at capturing and managing data of all descriptions, as stipulated by the compliance directives of IsoMetrix’s clients (such as ISO 14001 or the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act), the platform’s analytics needed improvement, De Kock continues.

“To turn data into discernible trends, we needed analytics and a management dashboard,” he says. “We looked at all the major global business intelligence [BI] providers, and selected QlikView.”

The road to QlikView started with Johannesburg BI specialists Bluekey Predictive Intelligence (BPI), an associate company of IsoMetrix. MD of BPI, Rigby Stott, says BPI recommended QlikView because of the tool’s powerful analysis and the companies’ shared focus on rapid results.

Powerful Analysis

From IsoMetrix’s perspective, QlikView’s major strength is its ability to do scenario planning or ‘what if’ analysis, says Stott.

“While IsoMetrix.NET can provide an unparalleled view of historic governance data – structured or unstructured – QlikView can analyse it to the point of what might happen in different circumstances, which really helps with planning.”

Rapid Time to Value

In addition, QlikView produces rapidly designed, simple-to-use but powerful analytic data models, adds Davide Hanan, QlikView SA MD.

“It puts the power of designing and performing powerful business analysis in the hands of the business.”

Going Global

BPI negotiated the terms of the OEM agreement with QlikTech – for which QlikView South Africa is the local representative and distributor – ahead of the international expansion of the integrated platform by IsoMetrix.

“We’re currently putting the support structures in place, including signing a range of indirect sales channels in different territories – partners who are themselves specialists in an area of governance requiring a governance and analytics application to support their work,” De Kock says.

As governance is a part of life in almost all enterprise avenues, such applications could include anything from CRM to risk management or sustainability reporting, he says.