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September 14, 2015
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September 21, 2015

The IsoMetrix Occupational Health & Hygiene solution, enables practitioners to make informed decisions on how to improve workplace health and productivity.

Occupational Health solution matches health sector trends

IsoMetrix has recently made exciting enhancements to its Occupational Health – Medical Surveillance solution.

The Occupational Health – Medical Surveillance solution, which is most effective when used in conjunction with the IsoMetrix Occupational Hygiene solution, enables Occupational Health Practitioners to  mitigate absences and make informed decisions on how to improve employee and contractor health and productivity.

New features of the occupational health solution include:

  • Chronic conditions and allergies are displayed on the first page of the Medical Profile, ensuring the attending medical practitioner is aware of these pre-existing conditions.
  • The type of tests and medical examinations can be pre-selected for the patient’s particular occupation.
  • Primary healthcare is covered for both scheduled appointments and walk-ins. This includes chronic conditions, rehabilitation, wound care and pregnancy. Recurring scheduled visits can be captured in the system together with sick leave taken.
  • The Ishihara test for colour vision screening has been added.
  • Within medical history, more details can now be captured for smokers, drinkers and drug users including consumption, quantities, dates started and ended.
  • On-site testing at the clinic can be done for alcohol and drug use and actions for management may be raised if the on-site testing returns positive results.
  • Records of Schedule 3 to 5 medication can be recorded regardless of whether it is chronic medication or not.
  • Information about allergy medication and length of time the patient has suffered from the allergy can be recorded.
  • If the Occupational Hygiene solution has also been purchased, and a patient is exposed to hazardous chemical substances, the health practitioner can select the hazardous chemical substance in the Biological testing module, and the following will be displayed:
    • Adverse health reactions one would be expected to have
    • Parts of the body which the hazardous chemical would impact
    • Tests which should be done (e.g.: urine, blood or respiratory)
  • Again, if the IsoMetrix Occupational Hygiene solution is purchased, individual occupational exposures will be displayed in the medical profile. These include current exposures as well as those from previous occupations or employers if available.

Stephen Simmonds, Executive Head of Business Development and the Metrix Occupational Health subject matter expert, says, “We are proud of the new functionality in our solution which has been developed based on feedback from several of our client health practitioners. This allows us to offer a more seamless solution for the management of occupational health and medical surveillance and keep our solution aligned to the latest health sector trends.”