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October 15, 2014
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October 15, 2014

Occupational Health and Hygiene Management

Occupational Health and Hygiene Management Systems and How They Can Benefit Your Business

Every business owner has legal and moral obligations to meet, especially if they want their business to run smoothly and be compliant with the specific laws and regulations of their particular industry. Various health and safety procedures and systems will need to be introduced into the workplace, which can be done quite simply if you invest in the right occupational health and hygiene management software packages.


The first steps to ensuring that your various Occupational Health and Hygiene Management obligations are being met, include the following:

  • Identify potential health risks that are being posed to your employees as a result of the working environment or processes currently in place.
  • Implement measures, procedures and methods that reduce these risks.
  • If the risk cannot be reduced, then risk control measures should be considered and implemented.
  • Ensure that medical surveillance is being carried out to track each employee’s health status for the duration of their employment.

While this seems like a fairly straightforward “to-do” list, it can be complicated to carry out these steps if you have no procedures to follow or the correct occupational health and hygiene management software. The bigger the business and staff compliment, the more difficult it can be.


There are various methods that business owners and managers can follow to make the Occupational Health and Hygiene Management process simpler and more effective:

  • Carry out occupational health and hygiene surveys at the work place. Make sure that these surveys are based around industry imposed regulations.
  • Staff members who participate and are considered to be at risk in the work place should be placed under ongoing medical surveillance for their protection and that of the business.
  • Incidents should always be recorded and absenteeism should always be investigated to see if any health concerns are directly related to the working environment.

All of these tasks need to be carried out efficiently and recorded in detail in order for your business to benefit from them. By investing in the IsoMetrix occupational health and hygiene management software package you will benefit from a wide variety of features and functions offered by the system that will make these tasks simpler to carry out and will make tracking and tracing of results much easier.


Some of the major benefits of managing your procedures with the IsoMetrix occupational health and safety management software package are as follows:

  • By ensuring that employees are safe and healthy, productivity and profitability is kept at a level that is beneficial to the business.
  • Individual profiles are created for each staff member and their health levels are monitored for the duration of their employment. Any deterioration in health can be noticed and effective measures taken to attend to any potential problems.
  • Decisions made by management can be done with greater confidence when it comes to health and hygiene within the business working environment.
  • Having an accurate record of employee’s health status will also help to avoid potential legal action attempted by staff members after termination of employment.
  • Quick and easy access is possible of company overall health status. Accurate reports can be provided at any time.

It goes without saying that occupational health and hygiene management is essential to every business. If you want to protect your company’s profitability, productivity and gain the loyalty and respect of your staff members, then the time to start taking their health seriously is now.


Allow the team at Metrix Software Solutions to present you with a software package that will make the process of occupational health and hygiene management simple, convenient and accurate for you. You can access the system at any time as it is hosted online and you can rest assured that your data and information is completely safe without you ever having to do a backup. Invest in the IsoMetrix software package and benefit today!