Libstar, one of South Africa’s largest manufacturers and distributors of fast moving consumer goods, has kicked off phase one of an enterprise-wide project to integrate and automate its Health, Safety and Environment (HSE); Environmental Sustainability; Compliance; and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) functions.

The integrated solution, from IsoMetrix, will ensure real-time visibility and availability of information in a single architecture to facilitate corporate and compliance reporting. The solutions purchased include HSE, Environmental Sustainability; Compliance; and ERM.

In phase two, IsoMetrix will develop and implement a Food Safety solution which will be used at operational level.

Libstar manufactures and distributes a wide range of FMCG the food and beverage, household and personal care segments of the South African market. It concentrates on supplying the needs of the foods service industry, private label segments of larger retailers and the manufacturing of products for brand owners as well as its own branded products.

The company wanted an integrated solution to tie together the different sections of its business for tighter control and compliance. Libstar chose IsoMetrix a leading supplier of software for Governance, Risk and Compliance, because of the flexibility and scalability of its technologies.

IsoMetrix enables companies to replace a myriad of point solutions and paper and spreadsheet-based systems, with a fully integrated, web-based solution that provides comprehensive dashboards for clear visibility over areas of risk and non-compliance.

The agile technology can be easily tailored to customer requirements, and new modules can be added in a fraction of the time required by a conventional software development approach.

“We are pleased to be working with Libstar, one of a number of companies in the FMCG space that have trusted IsoMetrix to integrate their business.  As Libstar has opted to utilize IsoMetrix for HSE; Environmental Sustainability; Compliance; and ERM, it is an opportunity for us to showcase the immense capability of our solutions to integrate together different areas of the business for optimized compliance with legislation and other requirements,” says Paul Marketos, Sales Director at IsoMetrix.