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Cecilia Jofre joins IsoMetrix as Chief Sales Officer. She brings with her strong sales credentials and a passion for corporate governance & sustainability.

IsoMetrix welcomes new Chief Sales Officer, Cecilia Jofre

Cecilia Jofre joined IsoMetrix as Chief Sales Officer in April. Cecilia brings with her strong sales credentials and a passion for corporate governance and sustainability.

Do good

“I am excited to get back into the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) sector, as a strategic enabler of good business,” she says. “Good GRC is critical for the development of robust, sustainable and fair economies.”

Cecilia Jofre

Cecilia brings with her deep insight into the requirements for businesses to successfully manage their triple-bottom line: Planet, People and Profit. “For organizations to last, they need to serve the communities and safeguard the environment in which they operate,” she explains.

Cecilia aligns with IsoMetrix’s core value of ‘the Possibility of a Better World’. “We have to leave something behind that is better than what we started with,” she says, “I believe that motivates a lot of the people working here and it resonates with me as an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution. It is important for us to shift from a sense of entitlement to one of guardianship. We are the custodians of our environment for the generations to come.”


Unique Software

Visibility of performance across all levels of the organization is essential for successful GRC. “Only what is measured can be improved,” says Cecilia. “If we truly expect these principles to be embedded in our way of life, we have to be able to measure where we are, and where we want to get to.” IsoMetrix, she feels, does an excellent job of providing this visibility.

Integration is also a key factor in successful GRC. Most companies have a multitude of point solutions for their GRC systems. “Nothing works in isolation, we live in a networked world, everything is connected to everything,” explains Cecilia. “GRC has a way of creating a domino effect so an incident in one point of the business can have risk consequences throughout. It is important to have integration across all areas of a business, including external touch-points, and across all levels of responsibility, from operations to Executive Management and all the way up to the Boards.”

The beauty of IsoMetrix lies in its hyper-agile nature, says Cecilia. “Companies can easily tailor it to their processes and methodologies, producing elegant, streamlined systems that mirror how the business works.”


A competitive differentiator

Cecilia is excited about the advances in GRC. “I look forward to returning to my networks in the sector,” she says. “It is rewarding to see GRC in the spotlight, and being recognized as a key focus area in most progressive organizations. Companies have realized that effective GRC acts as a competitive differentiator, and as such are putting their hearts and resources behind it. Now that organizations understand how GRC underpins their sustainability, they need an integrated solution to enable this. And that is exactly what IsoMetrix offers.”


About Cecilia

Cecilia is a financial executive and commercial entrepreneur with extensive international experience in general management, commercial alliances, corporate governance, business development, sales, management consulting and business efficiencies.

She holds a Masters in Administrative Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina She is a member of Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoD), and has held Board positions in Financial Services and Corporate Governance companies in South Africa, having held Senior and Executive positions at IBM South Africa, Standard Bank of South Africa, CGF Research Institute and Intuate Group.