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IsoMetrix V4: Worth the wait

IsoMetrix is on the brink of releasing its much-anticipated new software upgrade, IsoMetrix Version 4 (V4). Paul Marketos, Marketing Director at IsoMetrix, explains what customers can expect from V4 and why it is worth the wait.

“A huge amount of thought and R&D has gone into V4. We have re-engineered the database architecture, taking all our learnings from the past to ensure the product is robust, scalable and fast. We are confident that the new design is flexible enough that it will be relevant for many years to come,” explains Paul. “Our focus on producing hyper-agile GRC software is unique in the market. Being at the cutting edge means that it is difficult to envisage all potential scenarios. Now, with six years of learnings from V3 under our belt, we are confident that we have a design that is close to optimal. The wait for this new version of IsoMetrix will have been worth it!”

Along with its re-engineered architecture, IsoMetrix V4 offers improved performance and has an attractive new User Interface to deliver the best user experience possible. IsoMetrix V4 also provides better GIS and QlikView Integration and requires far less bespoke SQL for automation. It has intelligent device mapping, better APIs and can handle much larger volumes of data with ease. V4 will create a powerful platform for integrated GRC that will keep pace with major developments in the IT space such as Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“One of the best features of Version 4 is that users will be able to customize their own interfaces, which will really improve user experience,” says Paul. “We will also be able to provide tailored interactive visualization of complex modules, such as Bowtie for risk assessments.”

Other features in the new version include:

  • Mobile applications with offline capability
  • Greatly improved checklist functionality for audits, inspections, and surveys
  • Office 365 integration
  • Qlik Sense Integration
  • Full multi-language support
  • In-line edit enhancements
  • Full GIS map support (ArcGIS by ESRI)

“We have a number of new customers rolling out V4 through our ramp-up program, and this will continue for selected new projects during the course of 2017. Existing customers will be able to upgrade to V4 from 2018,” says Paul.

“This is our most exciting software upgrade yet,” concludes Paul. IsoMetrix V4 is next-level GRC software. Keep an eye out for more news on our progress in our newsletter and on our blog.



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