IsoMetrix recognised as Innovator by verdantix
IsoMetrix recognized as Innovator by Independent Analyst Firm
July 25, 2017
How can you achieve better value from sustainability assurance?
How can you achieve better value from sustainability assurance?
September 11, 2017
IsoMetrix partners with Ulula for next-level stakeholder engagement

IsoMetrix partners with Ulula for next-level stakeholder engagement

Ulula – providers of a multi-channel mobile platform for engaging stakeholders and measuring social impact – and IsoMetrix have partnered to bring large organizations, that significantly impact the communities in which they operate, the next level in meaningful stakeholder engagement, strengthening the trust and cooperation of communities.

 Ulula gives organizations a simple and inclusive engagement tool for project development, grievance management jobs, procurement opportunities, community consultation and social investments. By taking advantage of the wide adoption of mobile phone use in communities world-wide, Ulula is the very definition of inclusivity. “It gives individual community members a voice through a broad range of avenues to communicate with the organization,” says Rigby Stott, IsoMetrix Director for North America. By collating and organizing the data into a system like IsoMetrix, the organization has a clearer understanding of the community within which it is based.

The Ulula integration with IsoMetrix will enable the stakeholders of IsoMetrix customers to engage with the organization on project-related concerns through multiple access points across technology platforms. “We drive innovation to deliver value for all stakeholders, and Isometrix is a leader in environmental and social information management systems,” says Antoine Heuty, Ulula Founder. “Isometrix’s flexible and comprehensive platform makes it a perfect match to leverage Ulula’s omni-channel engagement tool to measure impact and manage stakeholders effectively.”

Individuals in the community can express concerns or grievances via text, email, social media or teleprompt. “Ulula integrates seamlessly into IsoMetrix, and we can set up auto alerts within IsoMetrix to facilitate management of all the data that is collected through Ulula’s channels. This way, nothing falls through the cracks,” says Rigby.

With Ulula, anyone in the community can log a concern through multiple channels. Rigby explains, “Rather than relying solely on appointed stakeholder representatives, our customers will have a far more detailed understanding of sentiment within their affected communities.”

Ulula enables two-way communication between companies and communities. Organizations can send surveys and mass communications to their communities and communities have a safe and effective system to ask questions, voice complaints and raise grievances.

Because all communications are collected and managed through a single portal, it is easier to keep communities informed by sending timely feedback from companies on interventions and progress updates.

“Ulula empowers communities by giving them as much access as possible through social media, toll-free numbers and so on,” he says. “It also benefits our customers because it gives them much more insight into the communities affected by their operations.”

Once the communications are collected, the resettlement or stakeholder engagement teams can classify the data, and manage responsibilities. By integrating Ulula with IsoMetrix, the data collected through these channels is centralized; facilitating easy access to the data and streamlining the organization’s auditing processes. The data flows into highly customizable visual dashboards, to ensure users at all levels receive relevant insights.

“Integrating with Isometrix extends the reach and value of Ulula’s software capabilities,” explains Antoine, “It provides new opportunities to advance social sustainability, improve Health and Safety performance and create shared value for all stakeholders in the oil, gas and mining industry.”

“Ulula provides industry-leading technology for community engagement. Our partnership with Ulula gives IsoMetrix customers direct access to the solution, to leverage this world-class technology,” Rigby concludes.