One of the world’s largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, Anadarko, has commissioned South Africa-based IsoMetrix to automate its social management functions.


IsoMetrix, a leading supplier of software for Governance, Risk and Compliance, will integrate and centralize Anadarko’s social management functions in a bespoke, web-based solution, making visibility and management of these functions possible.


Anadarko has drilled more than 25 deepwater wells off the coast of Mozambique. With the amount of liquid natural gas (LNG) recovered from the wells, Anadarko and its partners are proceeding with a commercial LNG development onshore.


In light of this development, Anadarko has a requirement for social management of the affected local communities in the area. Whilst manual processes are already in effect, and extensive stakeholder engagements and interactions have been undertaken over the past two years, Anadarko is looking to centralise and automate these processes for better visibility and control.


Anadarko has chosen IsoMetrix as the software solution for social management, based on the extensive functionality it provides for social management, together with the flexibility of its agile application framework.


IsoMetrix will be implementing the Resettlement solution the company has developed in collaboration with Intersocial, a leading social management consultancy, as well as its solutions for Social Investment and Social and Labour Plan management.


The areas covered within the Resettlement component of the software will include baseline surveys; stakeholder and grievance management; and land access and resettlement management. Implemented in regard to social sustainability will be Forum Development and Social Impact Assessment. The Social and Labour Plan incorporates Socio Economic Development (SED) comprising of Local Economic Development (LED) and Enterprise and Supply Chain Development (ESD).


Modules which will be included in subsequent phases include Human Resource Development (HRD) which has Employee Human Resource Development (HRDe) and Community Human Resource Development (HRDc) sub modules, and Sustainable Supply Chain (SSC).


IsoMetrix can be further extended to encompass management areas such as Occupational Health & Hygiene, Primary Healthcare & Wellness, Environmental Sustainability, Environment Health and Safety, as well as Enterprise Risk Management.


Paul Marketos, Sales Director at IsoMetrix, says, “This partnership is a win-win for both parties. We have extensive experience in implementing IsoMetrix in the extractive industries.  Our client base includes de Beers, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Kumba Iron Ore, Sasol, Glencore and First Quantum Minerals.


“For social management in particular IsoMetrix has been chosen by companies including Metorex, AngloGold Ashanti, Gryphon and Ivanhoe. This will however be the first time that we are involved with an off-shore drilling company. We look forward to developing our relationship with Anadarko, one of the world’s biggest oil and natural gas production companies.”