One of Australia’s leading coal organisations has given the go-ahead to implement the IsoMetrix solution for Legal Compliance Auditing across all their operations. Each of the seven operations will manage their individual mine’s compliance obligations in IsoMetrix in order to standardise the approach. The head office will use the IsoMetrix Audit solution to assess the operations’ compliance.


Compliance can be assessed in a number of ways including by legislation, category, responsible role or individual mine, or any combination thereof.


The IsoMetrix Compliance solution creates a compliance universe framework which allows the operation to manage their obligations against International Standards, Codes of Good Practice, international policies and procedures etc.


The legal content will be provided by a leading international law firm based in Australia and will include legislation for Health & Safety, Environment and Mining issues. This legislation is updated quarterly, ensuring that the company has up to date legislation.


The key selling points of this combination of solutions include the flexibility of the application to meet the company’s exact requirements; the ease of use for the user by importing audit access; and the visibility of the company’s compliance status through dashboards that can be displayed by legislation, category, responsible role or mine or by any combination of these aforementioned.


Managing Director of IsoMetrix Australia, Conrad Moller, says, “We are thrilled to have got on board with one of Australia’s largest international coal organisations and look forward to exploring further opportunities with them in the future.”