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October 15, 2014
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October 15, 2014

Customise Internal Control Systems with the IsoMetrix Agile Application Framework

Many companies want to create and implement their own customised internal control systems, but fear that this can be difficult and expensive. Now with the IsoMetrix Agile Application Framework this is completely possible and actually quite simple too. With the use of this particular system you can develop even complicated systems for your business without having any development knowledge at all. What’s more is that systems are actually quite quick to create which means that you won’t be waiting for months to benefit from them. Swift application development and support that is available at all times are just two of the many reasons why this framework is becoming a popular choice.

Day to day activity management and oversight governance is made a simple task with the IsoMetrix Agile Application Framework. Many companies that make use of the system have been able to design customised programs and systems to effectively manage their cash flow, time and attendance tracking, litigation, internal audits, corporate social responsibility, B-BEEE management, staff leave, emissions, customer relationships and so on. These are just a few of the examples of what you can achieve when making use of this particular framework to create a system that works for you.

The features and functions that you can include in your systems are virtually endless when making use of our software, and the easy to use interface means that absolutely anyone can make use of it.  Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and small databases typically used to keep track of these procedures. Now you can manage everything with the IsoMetrix system. What’s more is that the system is hosted online which means that all the information and data that you input is safely stored on the internet. There is no need to do back-ups or save data as it is automatically saved for you.

Of course while this system and all of its features are absolutely simple to use, if you would like the assistance of a professional to design your programs and systems for you, be in touch with one of our friendly business consultants at IsoMetrix and we will ensure that someone is assigned to assist you. When dealing with our consultants you can expect a friendly approach and for advice and guidance to be provided in an effective and professional manner.

The IsoMetrix team is one that is steadily growing each year. We currently have over 70 employees who are all trained and ready to assist you in any way possible. When it comes to software packages we do in fact present the ultimate solution to our clients. We take your needs and requirements into consideration and present you with options and packages that meet with those needs and fall within your allotted budget. Time frames are of course vitally important and when being assisted by our team you will find that we are prompt, efficient and work swiftly without compromising on the quality of our workmanship.

Communication, teamwork and innovation are our core values and we use these values to offer you an exceptional product that keeps improving and a service that is quite simply second to none. If you are looking for software that can be tailored specifically to your needs and requirements then you have come to the right place and will be assisted by just the right professionals in the field. We present our IsoMetrix Agile Applications Framework to the market with pride and encourage our potential and existing clients to take the opportunity to change the way they do business and take their profitability to new heights.