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Challenges faced by the waste services industry

The waste services industry, encompassing solid waste, hazardous waste, industrial waste, and medical waste faces a unique and dynamic set of regulatory and operational challenges. As laws become more stringent and social licenses to operate are threatened, there is a growing need for comprehensive risk management software to ensure you remain compliant and keep the local community at ease, all the while enabling safe and productive day-to-day operations.

How IsoMetrix can help

IsoMetrix’s integrated Waste Services solution consolidates the management of regulatory permits, compliance requirements, ESG management and reporting, stakeholder communications, tracking and reporting of all waste KPIs on a single intuitive platform. Instead of addressing environmental, health, safety, sustainability, and social impacts of waste management in silos, use IsoMetrix to provide the visibility necessary to gain a holistic understanding of business risk - enabling you to focus on leading versus lagging indicators. Advanced dashboards and customizable data visualizations enable concise, accurate, and real-time reporting for internal stakeholders, regulatory agencies, and governing bodies. They also empower you to optimize your workflows so you can improve performance metrics and streamline processes.

Our roles-based platform makes it simple for end users to log an incident or hazard, prepare monitoring reports, conduct D.O.T. inspections, and other daily tasks on a straightforward interface. EHS and ESG managers on the other hand, can access a high-level overview of the business – making it easy to analyze and monitor by region, risk owner, impact type and business unit. We offer a variety of out-of-the-box templates ideal for quick and efficient implementation across sites. We also provide configurable solutions to ensure our software meets the individual business needs of every partner.

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