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Waste Services

An ever-rising global population combined with our growing demand for goods and services is producing increasing amounts of waste products. This in turn contributes to polluting our environment, threatening biodiversity, and degrading our natural ecosystems.

The waste services industry encompasses various types of waste, including solid waste, hazardous waste, industrial waste, and medical waste. Due to its nature, organizations that deal with and process waste face a unique and dynamic set of regulatory and operational challenges.

Eco-friendly and sustainable waste management has thus become a crucial industry in terms of preserving a habitable planet and maintaining the quality of life which we currently enjoy.

EHS and social sustainability challenges

EHS challenges for the waste management industry may, amongst others, include:

  • Operating heavy machinery
  • Working with, and transporting toxic chemicals/hazardous substances
  • Treatment of wastewater, and preventing contamination of ground and surface water from leachate
  • Managing multiple environmental permits and complying with stringent regulatory requirements
  • Managing air emissions, particularly methane and carbon dioxide

Additional threats to a waste enterprise’s social license to operate may include:

  • Foul odors
  • Heightened noise levels
  • Increased traffic levels and associated congestion
  • Public opposition
  • Permit renewal requirements

In the USA, municipal solid waste landfill (MSWLF) design, construction and operation are heavily regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) under Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Transform your EHS and sustainability management 

Utilize IsoMetrix’s software for waste services companies to successfully address the following challenges:

  • Effectively manage permits and regulatory obligations that the waste management industry must comply with
  • Identify on-site health hazards, mitigate the risks, and monitor the health of the workforce
  • Record detailed incident information including injuries, illnesses, near misses, hazards, environmental releases, and other workplace events
  • Capture, manage and analyze environmental monitoring data, and display information on a variety of environmental sustainability indicators
  • Manage and control surrounding community access to and interactions with landfill sites
  • Proactively manage grievances and keep surrounding communities happy so that operations continue to run smoothly
  • Track, manage, and report on your ESG metrics such as your greenhouse gas emissions

Crucial solution modules

Our following software modules are important for managing the EHS and ESG performance of waste services companies.

Occupational Health
Occupational Hygiene
Risk and Control Management
Incident Management
Environmental Sustainability
Social Sustainability
ESG Management and Reporting

Compliance with international standards 

Our software enables waste services companies to monitor and measure adherence to various international safety, quality, and sustainability standards.

  • ISO 9001: Quality
    ISO 14001: Environmental Management
  • ISO 26001: Guidance on Social Responsibility
  • ISO 31001: Risk Management
  • ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety

Our software also assists you to align with North American waste-specific regulations such as the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (US EPA) regulation of household, industrial, and manufacturing solid and hazardous wastes under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Want to see if our EHS or ESG management software is for you? 

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