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industries with their EHS, ESG, risk, and compliance requirements

ESG management has become a 'must-have'

No matter your industry, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are becoming an increasingly important part of your business environment.

Some of the challenges you may face in managing and reporting on your ESG include:

  • Not knowing what ESG data to collect or which ESG management actions to undertake, and having no method of accurately tracking the effectiveness of your actions
  • Supporting ESG data is not easily available or even monitored. When available, it may be housed in multiple systems and in incorrect formats
  • Distributing questions to correct individuals to source ESG data
  • Reviewing and verifying the accuracy of responses or data, and collaborating internally on issues and responses
  • Calculating your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Collating responses into internal and publicly consumable reports
  • Dealing with multiple standards to report against
  • The fact that the entire ESG management process is resource-intensive and time-consuming

Transform your organizational ESG management with our software

Our IsoMetrix Lumina ESG management software enables you to manage and report on your ESG and sustainability performance, as well as calculate and report on your GHG emissions.

Use our ESG solution to collect your key data and report on your ESG and GHG metrics efficiently, accurately, and in alignment with relevant standards and frameworks.

Your EHS business aspect is crucial 

Reducing your EHS-related risks is non-negotiable, yet comes with its own set of challenges.

  • Safety hazards need to be identified and the associated risks mitigated
  • Organizations need to record and investigate all safety-related incidents, injuries, near misses, and non-conformances
  • Permits for operational activities may need to be obtained and renewed when required
  • Negative environmental and social impacts need to be assessed, reduced, and disclosed appropriately in accordance with any regulations

IsoMetrix EHS and sustainability software: everything under one roof

Our EHS software comes loaded with features to help manage every aspect of your company’s EHS, compliance, and sustainability operations as effectively as possible.

Collaboration and reporting
Frameworks and standards

Looking for a more comprehensive, integrated, and efficient way to manage your business risks?

Managing your enterprise risk management (ERM) process manually, or in silos, is error-prone and inefficient, and can leave your company dangerously exposed to unseen threats.

IsoMetrix software can revolutionize your ERM process

Our ERM software enables you to manage your organizational risk far more effectively and efficiently via a central platform that provides an all-encompassing view of your risk universe.

It identifies and assesses your organizational risks, and implements controls where necessary for every business process.

In addition, our unique 5-step implementation process drives ERM improvement throughout your organization, ensuring that you get the most from our ERM software.

Want to see if our EHS or ESG management software is for you? 

Discover more about our powerful digital solutions.

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