With the growing risk of improper brand management and the rise of fair trade and social sustainability in the Food and Retail industry.

Gathering information from many sites is a massive undertaking. Compliance and public liability become much easier to manage with an agile, integrated risk management solution. The IsoMetrix Risk Management Solutions for Food and Retail are ideal for managing contractors, fleet management security, food safety and quality management. Our integrated solutions also assist with sustainability reporting.


Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) identifies the processes within an organization that could be threatened or compromised during emergency or disaster situations. These processes then form part of a business continuity plan that supports operations both during and after the crisis.

Compliance Management and Legal Register

The IsoMetrix Compliance Management software solution provides you with a central platform for integrated risk management that seamlessly integrates with other IsoMetrix solutions such as ERM, HSE, and Social Sustainability.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

The IsoMetrix ERM solution creates a central platform for an integrated, combined-assurance approach to managing all risks faced by organizations. IsoMetrix ERM software provides a hyper-agile risk platform, innovative technology that allows us to mold solutions to your specific processes and methodologies.

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Management

The IsoMetrix Health, Safety and Environmental Management solution seamlessly combines different health, safety and environmental processes, giving you a single, comprehensive, integrated management solution.

Occupational Health Management

Simplify employee health and well-being by managing medical surveillance screenings, tests and examinations with the IsoMetrix Occupational Health Management solution.  The solution will assist you to implement and managing preventative healthcare in the workplace.

Occupational Hygiene Management

Anticipate, recognize and monitor occupational hazards and employee health exposures in your organization’s working environment with the IsoMetrix Occupational Hygiene Management solution.

Quality Management

Manage your quality processes and improve your customer experience with IsoMetrix Quality Management software.