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Oil and Gas

A growing regulatory environment has led oil and gas operations to pursue a broad range of governance, risk and compliance initiatives in an era where risks are interdependent and controls are shared across the enterprise, having different software solutions to manage GRC processes is costly and inefficient.

IsoMetrix offers a single, integrated solution for managing all disciplines within Governance, Risk and Compliance, across all phases of an oil and gas project life cycle.

IsoMetrix reduces complexity by removing the need for integrating different systems and databases, and provides a holistic view of the health of the governance of the enterprise.

The sophisticated dashboards, powered by QlikView, allow you to monitor by exception through analyzing trends, managing variability and drilling down to record level detail.

At the heart of each IsoMetrix solution, is the Central Action Manager and all actions can be tracked to closure.

Ultra-agile technology

IsoMetrix is an ultra-agile technology. The flexibility it offers allows your solution to evolve as your project’s requirements change, quickly and easily.

Non-technical people can adapt the modules using a simple drag and drop process. This functionality means the costs of on-going enhancements to the system are dramatically lowered without compromising data security.

Such as the agility of the product it can easily be used to replace the spreadsheets and work document and typically proliferate any organization. Notice how the fields of the word document and easily be created with a secure audible web-based module.

Impacts occur throughout the entire lifespan of a project. The IsoMetrix range of solutions supports the management of all aspects of GRC across the life cycle of the project.

During the exploration phase many of the same processes that affect a production project would be applicable on a smaller scale and typically within a localized area of the planned site.

Stakeholder relationships, reimagined

From the outset of an oil and gas project, all stakeholders need to be identified and assessments of the impacts of the proposed sites need to be carried out.

It is important that relationships with local communities are well managed right from the initial engagements.

IsoMetrix allows you to record the results of all interactions with local communities, commitments made and complaints and grievances lodged.

The IsoMetrix Compliance Solution assist users to ensure that all activities are compliant with local and international legislation as well as other relevant standards, codes or procedures.

Within the IsoMetrix Compliance Solution, risk of non-compliance can be continually monitored and the effectiveness of controls rated.

Within the development of the plant, strong safety protocols are needed to ensure hazardous activities are understood and risks inherent.

IsoMetrix allows you to record all incidents and non-conformances, and to analyze movements so that effective measures can be implemented.

Social impact needs to be minimized, with all aspects assessed, controls put in place and incidents investigated.

Emphasis is placed on the management of livelihood restoration, human resource development of local communities and the ongoing local content verification process.

Intelligent data

A Geographic Information System, or GIS, allows you to visualize and understand geospatial data, revealing relationships, patterns and trends and prescribing action.

IsoMetrix data can be dynamically mapped to the GIS system through standard IsoMetrix integration objects.

The dataset is then exposed to processing programmed, like MapGuide or ESRI, where the attributes contained in IsoMetrix are visible.

Geospatial information and Georeferenced photographs can also be included in standard IsoMetrix operational reports.

To ensure smooth operations during production, compliance with material licenses and authorizations such as approvals of social and environmental impact assessments, is imperative.

For companies needing to report against sustainability reporting standards like IIRC or GRI. IsoMetrix enables these key reporting indicators to be generated at any point in time, on any device.

IsoMetrix provides integrated Occupational Health and Hygiene Management, along with Medical Surveillance, Primarily Health Care and Wellness and Clinic Management.

Implementing the IsoMetrix risk management solution ensures that deep conditioning and environmental protection efforts are managed correctly. Thereby minimizing risk exposure.

As for the exploration faze many of the same processes that affect the production project would be applicable on a smaller scale during the decommissioning and closure phase.

Manage the life cycle of your oil and gas project using IsoMetrix.

Challenges faced by the Energy and Power industry

IsoMetrix is an integrated risk management platform that enables our customers to manage and monitor their key activities and processes, ensuring they achieve and maintain operational excellence in line with their own, and the industry’s, best practice methodologies.

While the impact of many risks cut across disciplines such as environmental, social, health, safety or quality, these disciplines are often managed in siloes, making an holistic understanding of risk indicators and consequences difficult. There is also within the industry a tendency to focus on lagging indicators rather than leading. IsoMetrix follows an “integrated risk” approach to ensure the key solutions we implement for our Energy and Power customers work together to provide an innovative, best practice framework with real-time visibility and oversight.

IsoMetrix provides the Energy and Power industry with specialized solutions for the management of Governance, Risk and Compliance. Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions across the enterprise, from Social Performance through to Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, Risk, Compliance and Audit, IsoMetrix is the ideal GRC tool across the full life cycle of an Energy and Power project from exploration through reclamation.

Our experience in the Energy and Power industry has shown that country- and site-specific factors, along with corporate methodologies and procedures, make it impossible for a standard off-the-shelf product to accommodate the needs of all companies. The need to provide software that caters to a wide range of different requirements, fueled by the rapid maturation of Governance, Risk and Compliance processes, and the increase in the focus on “the social license to operate” at board level, has been behind the evolution of IsoMetrix into an ultra-agile solution that can easily be tailored according to a company’s size, maturity, and process complexity.

IsoMetrix value drivers

Ensuring compliance against a raft of obligations, from permits and licences through to legislation in foreign jurisdictions is critical to effective risk management in the Energy and Power industry. By providing a centralised Governance Risk and Compliance solution for Oil & Gas, IsoMetrix enables companies to closely monitor leading indicators, and to be forewarned of potential incidents.

The risk-based architecture of IsoMetrix allows risks to be assessed across all disciplines, and re-evaluated as incidents eventualize. The breadth of the solution allows Energy and Power companies to go beyond managing EHS, including related areas such as Enterprise Risk, Compliance, Quality, Stakeholder Engagement, Resettlement, Socio-economic Development and Business Continuity Management.

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