Business process automation is the automation of activities or tasks that time consuming and mundane in nature. Business process automation involves the use of technology to transform and streamline a manual process so that it becomes more cost and time-efficient. The aim is to take everyday business processes then find a way to use technology to dramatically reduce the human input.


This could be any process you have ever thought: “there has to be a better and easier way to do this.” Automation can be of any processes that manage customers, employees, projects, opportunities, contracts, employee collaboration, inspections, audits and much more.


Business process automation enables you to drive quality and compliance in an organisation by providing visibility into the status of the operation in real-time. Non-conformance to a process or compliance requirement is exposed and corrective actions taken immediately improving the quality of service. Efforts are then focussed on managing exceptions and deviations as opposed to managing the entire process.




The quality department of a financial institution was using excel to measure and track the quality of service from multiple division in several countries across three continents. Different metrics were captured by different people and the various spreadsheets consolidated multiple times before they reached the decision making level.  Countless man hours were spent consolidating and generating reports meaning the data only got to management 30 to 60 days after the event. If queries were raised it was a near impossible task validating the data to try get back to the source. The department was seen as a cost centre by the rest of the business.



Using business process automation from IsoMetrix, management had a real-time view of their operations with the ability to drill down to the source of the information. Skilled and expensive resources were freed from administrative work enabling them to focus on their key roles and responsibilities. Management of exceptions meant issues were identified and resolved immediately, in some cases before the customers realised there was an issue. By setting a process and managing compliance to that process the department raised the quality of services provided by the business.