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Foundamentality and IsoMetrix renew partnership to inspire transformation via culture and technology.

Global Management Consultancy, Foundamentality and IsoMetrix, global EHS, Risk, Compliance and Sustainability software company announce the renewal of their partnership agreement. By aligning safety culture transformation with technology, the global best of breed practices are brought together to improve business performance.   

The renewal formally took place in Mexico City, Mexico in December 2018, “We have had a fantastic year of collaboration. It’s clear we share the same vision and values, and we are seeing our customers receive tangible benefits. That’s the key to a successful partnership” says Benoit Froment, Partnership Director at IsoMetrix. 

Sergio Seanez Castellanos, Partner and Managing Director of Foundamentality continues, “For our customers, improving safety at work is a key strategic objective. In order to improve safety, often companies need to change their overall approach. By offering the full package of consulting and technology, we give customers everything they need to realize long lasting change.” 

When asked about Safety Culture, Sergio explains that to achieve transformational change, a company and its people need to go through a three-step process. “The first step is all about understanding or decoding the organization. We conduct an assessment and work closely with people at all levels to understand the current beliefs, leadership and front line behaviors, processes and systems, risk level and organizational culture. The output is an assessment report that generates critical actions to mitigate key risks and gives clarity on what to do in order to change the Company Culture. This report is used in step two, which is all about interpreting the motivation behind behaviors. Using the Safety Culture Transformation Model we then develop, with customer leadership support, a comprehensive plan to realize the desired change. Finally, step three is about providing the necessary support to the company and its people to realize significant and long-lasting change through the right training, tools and processes.” 

“That’s where our partnership with IsoMetrix comes in. A lot of our customers were looking at automating the good practices developed with us. We soon realized that the missing part of our overall transformation was technology. We were looking for a company that specialized in HSE that offers all of the functionality, that integrates with existing systems and that is completely customizable. IsoMetrix was by far the best technology on the market.” 

Benoit agrees, “We focus on making the technology as good as it can be. When people at an organization change their way of thinking and approach to safety, they need a tool to manage new habits and processes. IsoMetrix is the ideal tool to empower companies to maintain the desired change.” 

Benoit continues, “From our perspective, working with local culture transformation experts makes complete sense. We have a lot of customers in Latin America. The behavioral change we have seen Foundamentality deliver by transforming the culture of organizations has been significant and enduring. Every member of their team is experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy. We are looking forward to future collaborations with the team.”  

2018 has been a successful year for both companies. IsoMetrix announced year on year revenue growth of 35%. And Foundamentality is growing 150% and opening two further offices in Chile and Canada in the new year. 

Both companies are keen to build on the momentum of 2018, and give back to their customers, pointing out that this common approach delivers a three-way benefit. “By leveraging each other’s subject matter expertise, we share the benefits of this common approach with other companies in LATAM.” explains Benoit.   

Foundamentality and IsoMetrix co-hosted their first workshop together in Mexico last month. Further online webinars and conferences are planned in 2019. Benoit and Sergio will both be attending the mining convention PDAC in Toronto in March 2019.  

About Benoit Froment

Benoit joined IsoMetrix in 2015 to open their first North American office in Canada. He has amassed strong international experience working for the World Bank in Latin America and has over a decade of experience implementing enterprise solutions for the extractive industries. He is fluent in Spanish, English and his native French. His overall experience in Latin America has made him the natural person to engage with partners and run our expansion in this active part of the world. 

About IsoMetrix

IsoMetrix is one of the world’s leading developers of software solutions for enterprise risk management. We believe that proper management of Governance, Risk and Compliance provides powerful and wide-reaching benefits. It is good for our planet, and the people and communities we work and live with. It also leads to more profitable and resilient businesses. We enable businesses to run sustainably. In helping our customers to do good, we also help them do well. With offices in the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa, IsoMetrix is well positioned to provide international companies with support across the globe. 

About Sergio Seanez Castellanos

Partner and Managing Director of Foundamentality, Sergio has more than 15 years’ experience in Culture transformation. Sergio worked with global clients in 30 different countries (Asia, Europe and America) for over a decade at a global safety consulting company before launching the pioneering management consultancy. Fluent in English, Portuguese as well as his native Spanish, Sergio now leads his 20 strong team to Inspire Cultural Transformation with large companies around the world.  

About Foundamentality 

Foundamentality’s company purpose is to create a better world where creativity has no limits. They help to unleash the talent, creativity, commitment and power of people in an extraordinary way, to achieve the unimaginable. People and their needs are at the heart of solutions. In addition to building on knowledge and tools, Foundamentality ensures the fundamental beliefs, that underpin a new culture, are acquired to ensure long-lasting change.