IsoMetrix is a hyper-agile GRC application platform. By this we mean it can be easily configured to provide our customers with a high quality of fit against their specific requirements. Solutions can be tailored through a simple drag and drop process, ensuring an exact match against processes, methodologies, and terminology. So while all our customers end up with their own tailored solution, everyone runs the same source code. Upgrades are easy with all modifications being upgraded automatically.

The benefit of this, apart from not having to compromise by changing your processes to fit a software product, is that we deliver solutions that are streamlined and elegant, with every field and tab being relevant to the company’s process.


IsoMetrix is truly integrated. All solutions utilize common modules for risk, audits, findings, meetings, actions and events (incidents).

The flexibility of IsoMetrix means that despite these modules being common, they can easily be tailored for the different disciplines. Fields and tabs will appear or be hidden as required.

The benefits of this integrated approach are:

  • it helps to break down siloes, encouraging a standard approach to risk, audit and incident management
  • it highlights inter-related data across disciplines
  • it allows for harmonized reporting across all risk disciplines


Tailored interfaces can be built to ensure you are able to visualize your processes and data in the way that you need to. So, for example, if you use bowtie as your preferred approach to risk visualization, IsoMetrix allows you to create interactive bowties which then integrate seamlessly with the underlying HSE modules.

Integration with Third Party Products

IsoMetrix is easy to integrate with third-party products. Different methods of integration include the following:

  • SAP Netweaver Process Integration (PI): IsoMetrix offers bi-directional integration with SAP utilizing the Process Integration middleware platform. Commonly integrated business modules include HR, Contractors, Functional Locations, Work Orders and Work Management Actions.
  • Web services: IsoMetrix has a built-in API layer that all transactions write to. Data from external sources goes through exactly the same API layer, ensuring full error trapping and data integrity.
  • XML: We can receive XML  from third-party applications and easily use these to populate the IsoMetrix database via the API
  • SSIS integration objects. IsoMetrix is built on a Microsoft SQL database and can easily integrate with datasets on other SQL platforms.


Mobility and Offline

Work anywhere. Any time.

IsoMetrix is a purely web-based tool that you can access on any device that runs a browser. The standard interface is device-intelligent and responsive; it automatically resizes to fit your screen size, for streamlined data capture.

With the IsoMetrix off-line mobility app, you can easily capture and edit records that will automatically upload when you reconnect to the server. The app allows you to upload photos or videos, as well as GPS coordinates.