Your company is not like any other, and we understand that. We designed IsoMetrix to suit your needs, and your processes – whatever they may be.


We configure IsoMetrix solutions by dragging and dropping 15 basic ‘building blocks’, or controls, to create a tailored solution. These controls can combine in an infinite number of combinations to form applications that cover all aspects Integrated Risk Management and that directly match your processes and methodologies.

The benefit is that you get completely customized solutions but use the same source code as every other customer, making IsoMetrix easy to support and upgrade.

All modifications are upgraded automatically.

This hyper-agile approach ensures you don’t have to compromise by changing your processes to fit a software product. You also get solutions that are streamlined and elegant, with every field and tab being relevant to your processes.


To achieve an integrated risk approach that truly breaks down the siloes in your organization, you need an integrated technology solution.

The IsoMetrix risk, audit and event (incident) modules are common across all solutions, allowing you to understand inter-related data across disciplines: which controls are linked to which risks, and vice versa? If there is a finding against a critical control, which risk owners need to be alerted?

This integrated approach also allows you to capture a single record across multiple disciplines. So if there is a spillage that has an environmental impact and caused a safety incident and an insurance claim, you enter the data once and simply click on the risk disciplines that were impacted. Any required fields or tabs will then be visible, and any irrelevant ones hidden.

Data stored in one module of IsoMetrix is automatically available in every other module. A register of equipment or a list of stakeholders or incidents can be turned into a dropdown list in any module in seconds, filtered any way you need. The power of this is that any data can now be associated with any other data in the system, making interconnections visible and driving insights. Data such as this can also easily be brought into IsoMetrix from third-party applications, ensuring you have a single version of the truth.

Configurable Business Intelligence Dashboards

IsoMetrix offers self-service for dashboard customization, enabling you to create your own graphs and charts, tailoring the dashboards to suit your specific requirements.

The IsoMetrix storyboard tool allows you to create dynamic, real-time management packs with embedded dashboards and narratives. They’re designed to be re-used. Charts are automatically refreshed so all you need to do is update the narrative. Traditional static reports can take hours to compile, whereas IsoMetrix Storyboards can take just minutes to update.

Bowtie risk visualization in IsoMetrix Bowtie Risk Visualization in IsoMetrix

Integration with Third-Party Products

IsoMetrix is easy to integrate with third-party products. Different methods of integration include the following:

  • SAP Netweaver Process Integration (PI): IsoMetrix offers bi-directional integration with SAP utilizing the Process Integration middleware platform. Commonly integrated business modules include HR, Contractors, Functional Locations, Work Orders and Work Management Actions.
  • Web services: IsoMetrix has a built-in API layer that all transactions write to. Data from external sources goes through exactly the same API layer, ensuring full error trapping and data integrity.
  • XML: We can receive XML from third-party applications and easily use these to populate the IsoMetrix database via the API.
  • SSIS integration objects. IsoMetrix is built on a Microsoft SQL database and can easily integrate with datasets on other SQL platforms.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IsoMetrix IoT analyzes billions of items of data, checking for exceptions, indicators and threshold breaches. Flagged events are then posted through the IoT gateway into the IsoMetrix database from where, depending on the nature of the event, they will instigate an inspection, action, audit, investigation or monitoring review.

The IsoMetrix IoT solution is technology agnostic and leverages existing infrastructure, ensuring that there is no need to ‘rip and replace’ current devices. With IsoMetrix IoT you can achieve interoperability and interconnectivity between all the currently deployed systems and devices from the edge to the cloud.

IoT in risk management allows drones to collect data


Choose to host your IsoMetrix Solution for easily accessible, adaptable and scalable environment. Our cloud-based hosting is secure and highly dependable, making your data safe and recoverable.

The IsoMetrix cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which complies with ISO 27001. The IsoMetrix security features ensure your data is locked down and protected against unwanted events.

What is more, hosting with the IsoMetrix presents no barrier to integration between IsoMetrix data and data from other resources, including those hosted on your intranet. A suite of APIs and web services mean you have all your data where you need it, when you need it.

IsoMetrix also offers Active Directors Federated Services, to facilitate integration between on-cloud and on-premise servers.

Mobility and Offline

Work anywhere. Any time.

IsoMetrix is a web-based tool that you can access on any smart device. For such devices Chrome is the required browser.

Augmenting this web-based access, any module in IsoMetrix can be converted, instantly, into an off-line app, allowing you to easily capture and edit records that will automatically upload when you reconnect to the server. The apps allow you to upload photos or videos, as well as recording your GPS coordinates.

IsoMetrix offline mobility:

  • is available for Android and IOS
  • works on any size of smart device
  • can be easily tailored to ensure the apps are kept as simple as possible
  • facilitates voice to text translation
  • allows for searching against existing records

Bowtie Risk Management

Elevate your management of critical controls with the IsoMetrix Bowtie Risk visualisation. The interface gives you a consolidated overview that represents multiple complex risk management scenarios in one easy to read screen.

Each interface reflects a single Hazard which is in turn linked to a Top Event that the identified Hazard may cause. The Top Event is then linked to a number of Threats on the left and Consequences on the right. Each Threat and Consequence may further be linked to Controls which are used to mitigate and manage the Threat or Consequence that the Control item is linked to.