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Proactively manage your offshore wind project with our IsoMetrix integrated safety and sustainability software solutions

Safety management

  • Incident area analysis – the nacelle area tends to have the greatest number of incidents for example
  • Crew transfer vessels (CTVs)
  • Lost workday injuries
  • First aid injuries
  • Dropped objects
  • Work process analysis
    • Lifting operations
    • Manual handling

Stakeholder management

  • Manage all activities and initiatives around project stakeholders and community members
  • Record and track grievances
  • Manage events and community engagements
  • Gain insights as to how stakeholders can impact a project
  • Evaluate potential project risks regarding stakeholders

Environmental sustainability

  • Capture, manage, and analyze your offshore wind projects environmental monitoring data
  • Track your performance and monitor results against your compliance thresholds to assess the effectiveness of your impact mitigation and enhancement initiatives

Audits and inspections

  • Build and conduct custom inspections based on your project’s specific requirements
  • Schedule your audits, log findings, create corrective and preventative actions, monitor dashboards, and compile audit reports

Wildlife management

  • Capture sightings of marine life using our offline mobile application
  • Capture all relevant biodiversity data
  • Mitigate the disruption of wildlife habitats


  • Assess whether your offshore wind facility is compliant with all its applicable obligations
  • Capture relevant internal and external obligations to create a single source of compliance obligations for your individual facilities, as well as your entire business

Permit management

Manage multiple permits at once, tracking all permit-related information and seamlessly integrating it with our other IsoMetrix software modules such as our Compliance functionality.

For example:

  • Create permit templates that can be stored within a digital library and used later
  • Create a new template from the current captured permit record
  • Link a permit to a specific compliance record
  • Create a new compliance obligation
  • Select a specific compliance obligation record to pull through to your permit management record


We’d like to share with you a selection of resources we’ve put together to help renewable energy organizations get to grips with some important EHS matters, and provide further context on what we do.

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