How can miners integrate technology to improve stakeholder engagement programmes?

Engaging constructively with mining-industry stakeholders is thought to require a so-called softer skills set than miners have traditionally demonstrated. This is partly because softer skills have been peripheral to the core disciplines needed to be successful. But this has changed. ESG investing has grown roots; communities are more regularly finding their voices; governments want greater assurances around responsible practices; and employees want to work for companies that live up to these higher standards.

This remains a frontier for miners. The fourth industrial revolution has, however, provided new tools to aid this transition toward best practice. In this webinar we discussed:

  • How are advances in operational technology providing opportunities to improve engagement?
  • How is technology reshaping the working environment for the current and future workforce?
  • What are the key criteria that an Stakeholder Engagement software needs to meet?
  • How does risk management secure and protect a social license to operate?
  • What will stakeholder engagement look like in a post-COVID-19