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IsoMetrix releases new solution to manage ESG risks

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Global EHS software leader, IsoMetrix, has released a new solution specifically designed to help organizations effectively understand, manage and report on ESG performance and risks, thereby creating long-term value.

The solution launch forms part of a series of developments following the investment by The Carlyle Group in 2019. The investment firm acquired a majority stake in IsoMetrix, investing additional growth capital to accelerate the company's research & development and international expansion plans.

The development of this solution is in response to the demanding ESG standards, or framework reporting requirements, industry face. As a way of assisting in identifying and managing material ESG risks and tracking performance, IsoMetrix has combined standard features of its EHS solution with a unique build that makes reporting across the various ESG standards more efficient. The IsoMetrix ESG solution reduces the reporting burden faced by sustainability leaders in large organizations that operate in multiple industries and locations.

In addition to eliminating the use of spreadsheets when collecting data, the IsoMetrix ESG solution will enable leaders to:

  1. Effectively gather data and report against different ESG standards and frameworks
  2. Track ESG-related findings and drive ESG initiatives through action plans
  3. Assess the organization’s ESG performance in a complete and transparent manner
  4. Analyze and view data in dashboards
  5. Customize the solution to meet the unique needs of their organization
  6. View data at both operational level and aggregated for corporate purposes
  7. Implement the solution with pre-loaded ESG standards content
  8. Easily integrate into other IsoMetrix solutions, such as Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability, Carbon Management, and Audits and Inspections

Rigby Stott, Senior Executive: Customer Success at IsoMetrix, explains how customers will benefit from the new solution: "We are offering a solution that is purely agnostic and is not focused on a specific ESG standard or framework. Our solution allows you to gather different information and standards, and presents the results in a holistic way that shows a true reflection of the performance of the organization. In addition, it is also a management system that defines and manages all your ESG initiatives and displays them into potential action plans that enable you to meet objectives, and ultimately create value for your organization."

IsoMetrix Executive: Sustainability, Robin Bolton explains the objective behind the timely development of this solution: "We wanted to develop a solution that gauges alignment to whichever ESG-related standard an organization or investor would like to assess themselves against, and to help with the reporting burden associated with these standards. In addition, the solution must help organizations understand their ESG risks, findings and incidents."

For more information on this solution or to request a demo, get in touch with an IsoMetrix ESG expert.

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