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IsoMetrix records revenue growth despite tough economic circumstances

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IsoMetrix has substantially grown its revenue despite the adverse economic conditions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The leading supplier of integrated risk management software confirmed that it has achieved year-on-year overall revenue growth of 41% for the financial year ended 2021. In addition, the company added 88 new employees over this period, bringing its total staff count to over 240 individuals.

IsoMetrix has grown rapidly in recent years. The company grew more than 50% in FY 2018 following on from almost 30% revenue growth in FY 2016, a testament to the strength of IsoMetrix’s product and service offering, as well as the ability to consistently meet the needs of its customers. IsoMetrix empowers its customers with more visible and effective risk management, reporting and decision making.

“Our growth is due in large part to the breadth and depth of our product offering” said IsoMetrix Chief Operating Officer, Giles Nelson. “We offer a comprehensive and integrated suite of environment, health and safety (EHS) solutions. This enables collaboration across all EHS aspects within an organization, thereby removing silos, and integrating risk disciplines and processes. We have the go-to solution for high-risk industries such as mining and oil & gas. Our continued success with acquiring customers such as Anglo American, Dundee Precious Minerals, Glencore and Prodeco demonstrates this.”

Looking forwards, IsoMetrix is aiming to continue to grow and develop into one of industry's dominant players on a global level. Already a market-leader in Africa, the organization has expanded into North America in recent years and is continuing to successfully engage with new and prospective customers there, as well as raise its profile within the relevant market segments. With offices currently located in Atlanta, Toronto, London, Johannesburg and Perth, the company is a truly global organization committed to developing best practices around its range of ESG, EHS and compliance solutions.

For more information on IsoMetrix’s integrated range of solutions, contact its regional sales teams.

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