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IsoMetrix announces a new collaboration with SustainIt

Iso Metrix announces new collaboration with Sustain It 01

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Collaboration to provide software customers with an optimized risk management solution.

IsoMetrix has announced a new collaboration with independent global sustainability data consultancy, SustainIt. The two companies are collaborating to provide their clients with an optimized risk management solution. Whilst IsoMetrix supplies the market with leading environmental, health and safety (EHS), and environmental, social and governance (ESG) software solutions, SustainIt assists customers in understanding how to get the most from their IsoMetrix product.

Benoit Froment, IsoMetrix Senior Executive for Business Development & Partnerships, stated that “SustainIt is able to drive positive change with our clients by guiding and assisting them in their risk management process, and we are confident that our collaboration will successfully accompany customers on their digital journey.”

As one of the world’s leading developers of software solutions for integrated risk management, IsoMetrix provides award-winning compliance and risk management solutions for professionals in Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability. Recognized by independent analyst firms for our award-winning software solutions on multiple accounts, we create more profitable and resilient businesses by enabling a holistic view of risk utilizing our proprietary Golden ThreadsTM technology. And with offices in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and South Africa, we are well-positioned to provide international companies with support across the globe.

SustainIt provides post-implementation assistance including data collection and management, change management assured and verifiable data, predictive data tools to forecast change, reliable and proactive support for data and systems, and an ongoing assistance team for regulatory reporting.

Sustain It collaboration process

By embedding our risk management solutions into day-to-day customer operations and providing the variety of services listed above, SustainIt improves client uptake and implementation of our award-winning software, increases process and systems integration, and boosts user engagement. The result is an agile platform which allows us to provide our customers with tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements, and is optimized from start to finish via SustainIt’s change management approach.

Jordan Pelling, Business Development Manager for SustainIt said "IsoMetrix are a consistently high scoring software solution within our Independent GoMarketWise software review engine, so it makes sense that SustainIt and IsoMetrix collaborate to tackle our enterprise client’s risk management software concerns. Together we deliver the complete suite of end-to-end data solutions for our clients.”

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