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El Grupo Omnia se actualiza a la Gestión Integrada del Riesgo Empresarial con IsoMetrix

IsoMetrix Client Testimonial - Omnia Group
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My name is Kavita Pema and I am the Group Executive for Sustainability and Risk at the Omnia Group, which is a diversified chemicals and mining business.

What IsoMetrix solution do you use?

We are using Version 4 of IsoMetrix which includes all the modules. So we have a fully integrated Risk and EHS system setup. Sustainability and all those issues are also included. We have quite a robust integrated system that we are using.

Why did you choose IsoMetrix?

For many years we have been using a system for EHS reporting but not integrated. It was mainly an incident and audit management system that we were using and we found that it was not really addressing our needs, it was also not very user-friendly. So as a company we started looking at various systems to see what would be a good choice to replace that system. For about a period of one year, we went through a process of assessing various systems, going through demonstrations to see how they work, getting references for all the systems as well as going to places where they were using those systems to see how they work.

There were a lot of systems we went through and eventually we landed on IsoMetrix. The advantages were that it is very user-friendly, we could see how it would fit into our business, it was simple to use and it is very robust, so if we needed to make changes we could adapt and amend or change as needed and that worked fantastically. What we went for at that stage was a pure EHS solution, aside from the fact that some health and safety risks would have been included in that, we went for a pure EHS system and that was on Version 3 of IsoMetrix.

When we saw how the system was starting to fit into our business, it was starting to make sense, we realized that we should actually be doing an integrated risk system and put the whole enterprise risk aspect into the system and that's when we were introduced to Version 4. At the time Version 4 was still in production but we were assured that it will address our risk management needs and once the system was finalized and put all the risk management modules in there, it fit perfectly so the transition from Version 3 to Version 4 was not that difficult. There were some background issues we had to sort out in terms of importing data from an older version to a newer version but we got support for that from IsoMetrix. There was a lot of back and forth in terms of what kind of templates need to be created to move the data but eventually it was done. We have been live on vision 4 since June 2018.

What was it like working with the IsoMetrix team?

We actually had quite a large and diverse team from IsoMetrix working with us on this project, we had subject matter experts from almost all the disciplines that IsoMetrix covers and what we did from our side was bring most of our senior specialists to the development phases. So we had a very good interactive working relationship with the subject matter experts, the business analysts, as well as a system developers. It took us a while to get where we needed and in the process there were quite a few changes, mostly on IsoMetrix side but it felt seamless. We did hit a few hiccups here-and-there but other than that the support was great and the subject matter experts were very knowledgeable, they knew what they were talking about and they supported us in what we needed to achieve in the business. They listened to what we needed and then they came up with a solution. What was also very good was that where we may have missed something, they quickly picked up those gaps and gave us ideas and solutions of how to fill those gaps. So we ended up with what I believe is quite a good solution.

Where has IsoMetrix made the biggest impact?

So the biggest change we have experienced is in our reporting, where we were previously struggling a lot with things like incident management, management of audit findings and tracking actions those things had always been difficult now we have a very good system that helps us for that. the really good thing that I personally find very valuable, is the dashboards but from a management perspective although we don't dive deep into the system, dashboards really assist in making management decisions and to see how things are going, where are the areas of focus and where we should be placing more attention. From that perspective it is been very useful.

How effective has IsoMetrix been since implementation?

Previously we have been doing most of our reporting on spreadsheets. Main reason being, system we had was not user-friendly. Although there was a requirement to report on the system, everyone in the business started creating their own spreadsheets. So every time we needed information, you got 10 spreadsheets that you had to consolidate and it was very cumbersome trying to get yearly stats or six-monthly stats or even monthly stats, it was very difficult. So that was part of the process that we really wanted to do away with. Also, we had a separate system in which we were actually capturing data, it was an in-house system that we had built but just for collection of stats.

We then removed that system totally, we also removed the previous reporting system totally and now everything is in IsoMetrix. we also had a separate risk reporting system so that system (spreadsheets) has also been replaced by IsoMetrix, and the beauty part of that is everything is integrated, so no matter where you are in the system everything touches the different parts of the business. If you base it on the foundation of risk management and tie everything into risk disciplines we get a seamless picture of what's going on in the business.

Why would you recommend IsoMetrix?

My personal choice was IsoMetrix when we went through the process. The main reason was it looked good, the visuals of IsoMetrix is very friendly on the eyes and looks pretty, with beautiful colors but aside from that, it's very easy to use. It requires a little bit of initial training but then it's also very intuitive, so if you're new to the system and you just follow the prompts and you follow the next steps that pop up, you actually already teaching yourself how to use the system. So although we need to do a bit of training and awareness, the need to do in-depth detail training is not there. People from scratch can go into the system and already start using it. The biggest advantage for me was the ease of use and user-friendliness and the adaptability.

Have any unique requirements?

There were a few things that IsoMetrix did for us which was unique. We are a chemicals business and for us process safety is a huge critical aspect and nowhere could we find a software that could assist us with process safety. IsoMetrix actually built and model specifically for us to manage our process safety. A whole roll out assessment of elements, with reporting and dashboards and although the dashboard requires information from our maintenance system they put in that interface and integration for us so we can pull dashboards from a maintenance system into IsoMetrix. That was a unique thing that we could not find anywhere else.

Did anything else confirm your decision that IsoMetrix was the right to?

In November 2018 the Omnia Group was nominated and won the Institute of Risk Management of South Africa’s industry initiatives award and that was largely based on the fact that we had gone the route of systemizing risk management and embedding it into the organization. It is no longer an isolated tick-box exercise, it is integrated into all our business processes. That also reinforced the message within the group, that we are on the right path and that we have chosen the right tool to assist us in dealing with risk.

El Grupo Omnia implementó inicialmente el software de IsoMetrix para su gestión de SHERQ (Seguridad, Salud, Medioambiente, Riesgo y Calidad) en el 2016. Omnia se actualizó recientemente, pasando de la Versión 3 a la Versión 4 de IsoMetrix. Esto fue más que una actualización de software, fue un cambio hacia un sistema integrado de gestión de riesgos premiado, para toda la empresa.

Datos rápidos

Soluciones utilizadas ERM integrada de IsoMetrix
Número de emplazamientos 100+ en 50 países
Fecha de actualización 2018
Número de empleados 5 000
Industria Agricultura, minería y productos químicos

Módulos de IsoMetrix

  • Gestión de Riesgos Empresariales (ERM)
  • Medioambiente, Salud y Seguridad (EHS)
  • Sostenibilidad
  • Gestión de Emisiones y Carbono
  • Cumplimiento Normativo Integrado
  • Seguridad de los Procesos Personalizada


En el 2016, después de un intenso proceso de selección, Omnia Holdings Limited eligió a IsoMetrix para su sistema de gestión de Seguridad, Salud, Medioambiente, Riesgo y Calidad (SHERQ). Omnia necesitaba una solución superior que tuviera la capacidad de integrarse en conjunto con otras soluciones dentro del entorno de Omnia, y eso es exactamente lo que obtuvieron.

Durante el 2015 y 2016, Omnia intentó encontrar un sistema de gestión de SHERQ adecuado. Kavita Pema, ejecutiva del grupo: Sostenibilidad y Riesgo en Omnia Holdings, explica que los candidatos se seleccionaron en función de:

  • Su reputación y la cantidad de años que llevaban operando como proveedores de software de acuerdo con las prácticas recomendadas dentro de la industria específica
  • La calidad de sus soluciones demostradas y la capacidad de integrarse potencialmente con otras funcionalidades o módulos y sistemas dentro del entorno de Omnia.

Utilizando los criterios anteriores, se preseleccionaron seis posibles proveedores. "Tras varias demostraciones y debates, llegamos a la conclusión de que el software de IsoMetrix se adaptaría mejor a las necesidades del equipo de SHERQ", comenta Kavita.

El software de IsoMetrix fue elogiado por su facilidad de uso, buena estética, agilidad y adaptabilidad, lo cual proporcionó una experiencia superior para el usuario. Omnia también elogió al equipo de IsoMetrix por su vasto conocimiento de la industria y su capacidad para crear campos auto completados por el sistema, en base a los requisitos de SHERQ.

Evolución de gestión de riesgos con tecnología integrada

En el 2018, el grupo se actualizó a la Versión 4 de IsoMetrix y amplió sus soluciones de SHERQ a un sistema integrado de gestión empresarial, el cual colocó la gestión de riesgos a la vanguardia, en todos los aspectos del negocio.

Kavita menciona que el cambio de la Versión 3 de IsoMetrix a la Versión 4 fue sencillo: "Cuando implementamos la Versión 3, necesitamos mucha configuración personalizada, la cual ya estaba en la Versión 4, por lo que la transición fue fácil. Debido a que habíamos pasado tanto tiempo definiendo nuestros procesos de riesgo con IsoMetrix, no fue necesario, en esta ocasión hacer mucho para actualizarnos".

El cambio de la Versión 3 a la Versión 4 de IsoMetrix, representó una evolución continua en el enfoque del Grupo Omnia para la gestión de riesgos. Un cambio a un sistema integrado, el cual aborda el riesgo como función primaria y núcleo de la empresa en conjunto, no solo como una función de SHERQ. "Nuestra gestión de riesgos estaba desconectada, con IsoMetrix hemos integrado y unido todo", comenta Kavita.

La integración fue un factor vital en la implementación de IsoMetrix: "Hemos integrado las funciones y los sistemas de nuestra empresa. IsoMetrix se integra con otros sistemas, como nuestro SharePoint, y también implementaremos la integración con RR. HH."

Redefiniendo el riesgo

Gracias a la implementación de un sistema integrado de gestión de ERM en todo el grupo, Omnia tuvo la oportunidad de reevaluar su proceso completo de gestión de riesgos y su metodología de riesgos existente. "Reevaluamos todo", comenta Kavita. "Donde antes teníamos una matriz de riesgo de 7x10, la redujimos a una de 5x5. Redefinimos nuestras disciplinas de riesgo y aprovechamos la oportunidad para refinar nuestros procesos, que, en su mayoría, estaban basados en hojas de cálculo o eran manuales".

"Renovamos todo nuestro sistema de gestión, no solo nuestros procesos de riesgo. Pusimos en primer plano la gestión de riesgos y la convertimos en una parte integral de nuestra estrategia", explica Kavita.

Las extensas sesiones de definición del alcance con IsoMetrix, le dieron a Omnia la oportunidad de evaluar cuidadosamente los procesos existentes. "Pudimos eliminar las redundancias, la duplicación en nuestros procesos, y subsanar los vacíos que encontramos", explica Kavita, "El proceso nos proporcionó una mayor conciencia en la organización sobre la gestión de riesgos como función de todo el grupo, y nos dimos cuenta de que había un imperativo empresarial más amplio".

La implementación de IsoMetrix generó una alineación y una consistencia en el grupo. Omnia ahora está cosechando los beneficios de tener una gestión integrada de riesgos, mayor eficiencia, y auditorías e inspecciones sistemáticas.

Omnia IRMA Awards
Kavita Pema aceptando el Premio de la Industria IRMSA en 2018

Gestión de riesgos premiada

En noviembre de 2018, Omnia recibió el Premio de la Industria del Instituto de Gestión de Riesgos de Sudáfrica (IRMSA, por sus siglas en inglés) en la categoría: "Productos químicos, petróleo y gas".

El Grupo Omnia fue nominado por la integración de gestión de riesgos de la empresa desde una perspectiva operativa y comercial. Parte de esta iniciativa incluyó reemplazar los sistemas obsoletos y la gestión de riesgos, basada en hojas de cálculo con una solución de software de gestión de riesgos integrada y eficiente, es decir, IsoMetrix.

Esta iniciativa fue fundamental para comprender y gestionar el riesgo desde una perspectiva integrada, para garantizar la identificación, la gestión eficaz de los controles y su evaluación para lograr su efectividad.

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