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Case Study in English: How a global earthmoving company implemented EHS software in 30 days

IsoMetrix’s abil­i­ty to imple­ment the solu­tion with­in the request­ed time played a big part in why the earth­mov­ing com­pa­ny chose to do busi­ness with us.”

Adam Gregory, IsoMetrix Executive: Professional Services

With a global presence in several continents, a well-established heavy earthmoving machinery company with decades of experience operating in mining and civil works sectors approached IsoMetrix to implement a comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) risk management software solution.

The challenge

The company needed an out-of-the-box solution to upgrade from their spreadsheet-based risk management system, as the manual system presented managers with reporting challenges related to data accuracy and time consumption. Realizing they needed to reduce the shortfalls of their traditional spreadsheet system, the company went in search of a technology solution that would be compatible with their strategy and goals.

Rolling out an EHS software system in 30 days

Managers are time-poor, and the accuracy of information is of utmost importance. Using an effective technology system increases accuracy and decreases the time spent collecting and reporting on data.

The award-winning IsoMetrix EHS software solution is developed based on industry best practices and two decades of implementation experience with some of the biggest names in mining, oil and gas, and other industries. The company approached IsoMetrix with a view to implement a company-wide EHS solution. At the same time, they wanted to reap the benefits quickly so requested to launch quickly (within just a month) with a reduced group of users, with a plan to scale up rapidly and sequentially, site by site.

Upon undertaking the project, they understood that an implementation of this type required a time commitment and willingness to adapt to the proposed processes. The factors that were central to the success of this implementation were short turnaround times and flexibility on both IsoMetrix’s and the customer’s side. The decision-making process in the company was the responsibility of two key people who were well experienced in safety management, IT, and using various other systems. This helped to accelerate the process as few substantial changes were required. The company was also willing to be flexible in its processes and to update them to suit the out-of-the-box solution offered by IsoMetrix, making the overall transition smoother.

Implementation highlights

One remarkable aspect of the project is that all project meetings took place remotely due to the travel restrictions necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This enabled the teams to be more flexible and to work around the existing requirements of their jobs to implement the software.

Among the various advantages of a rapid roll-out are that it is easier to budget time and there are fewer decision-makers involved, resulting in a faster process. Longer-term projects are often spearheaded by a champion within the organization who drives the change. With a rapid implementation, however, there is arguably less need for an organizational champion as all the necessary training is condensed into a shorter period.

As one of many implementations IsoMetrix has conducted, this rapid roll-out provides an example of what is possible in the right circumstances, and with organizations that are geared for the agility which a rapid deployment requires.

Why IsoMetrix?

IsoMetrix is recognized by independent analysts as a world leader in EHS software development. In addition to its ability to provide a holistic view on risk for organizations in high-risk industries, IsoMetrix also provides rapid solution implementations, a key feature that suited the customer perfectly.

The company chose IsoMetrix based on the software developer’s global footprint as well as the product’s agility and functionality, which allowed the customer to seamlessly transition from their existing spreadsheet-based system.

Benefits of the IsoMetrix EHS solution

  • The IsoMetrix solution ensures the accuracy of data input and minimizes various errors associated with manual reporting
  • Managers have access to real-time data
  • The intuitive dashboards provide clear visual displays of the data, facilitating transparency and situational understanding for the customer


IsoMetrix is a world-renowned leader in EHS software with over two decades of experience and is trusted by numerous global companies. With the ability to deliver both custom solutions and rapid out-of-the-box solution implementations, IsoMetrix has the capability to take on projects of any scope and scale.

IsoMetrix allows managers to manage EHS processes and improve operational performance, whilst minimizing risks and costs. In addition, the IsoMetrix EHS management solution combines various environmental, health and safety processes to provide a single, comprehensive, and integrated management solution.

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IsoMetrix Earthmoving Case Study IsoMetrix Earthmoving Case Study