Strengthening our Partner Ecosystem

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As IsoMetrix continues to strengthen its EHS software leader position in the Verdantix Green Quadrant, our Partner Management Team is excited to share some recent success stories in its effort to build a world-class partner ecosystem.

"It’s not just about technology, it’s about the people."

Benoit Froment, IsoMetrix Partner Management Director says, "Our business is not just about technology. It is about the people we work with, and the people we partner with. We believe in partnerships that empower therefore our partners are an important and integral part of our strategy. Last financial year, as a result of our partnerships, we had a 160% increase in leads and gained new clients and projects in Europe. New implementation partners have also started to roll-out our solutions in EMEA and the Americas. Laragon and RevDev have played a key role in terms of capacity resourcing in multi-language deployment and support. We are driven by the dynamics of our partner ecosystem, and by their interest in our technological solutions."

Shannon Lardi, IsoMetrix Partner Enablement Manager adds, "We have really taken our partner enablement program to the next level with a structured approach that shows our commitment to partners. The feedback we received from partners is inspiring, and we want to continue in this direction to demonstrate that IsoMetrix is the right technology choice for our partners."

What’s new for partners?

Over the last six months, the IsoMetrix Partner Enablement Portal has been enhanced with new templates, videos and Frequently Asked Questions to guide our partners during implementation and with ongoing support of our platform. We are moving forward with our partner strategy and are now working on ensuring the post go-live support for our joint customers.

We have released our new IsoMetrix Certification Process for implementation partners to validate their competency and meet our quality requirements. Almost 50 partner consultants on 5 continents have been onboarded and certified or are in the process of getting certified. This ensures the same quality of deliverables for all our customers.

In respect to new partnerships, we have cemented our relationship with Libryo by integrating their dynamic regulatory content into our digital risk management system. This allows our customers to maximize their compliance ecosystem by integrating relevant legal content that is regularly updated with evolving regulations.

Finally, about ten of our partners have participated in co-branding activities through interviews, thought leadership articles or joint webinars. We continue to give our partners the right visibility to expand their network and support their growth.

What’s coming next?

  • We are completing our Certification Process for the Technical Solutions Experts (TSE) to enable our partners to be fully autonomous in the implementation and deployment of our solutions
  • We will share more information on our next generation of EHS and ESG software solutions enabling us to address a larger market, target mid-size organizations, offer out-of-the-box features, and simpler deployment. It will be a win-win improvement for IsoMetrix and our partners
  • Finally, we have increased collaboration with our Business Development Team. In some strategic regions, we are strengthening our pipeline to better position IsoMetrix as a leading integrated risk management software provider

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