Mining Journal releases its Intelligence World Risk Report for 2021

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IsoMetrix is a proud sponsor of The Mining Journal Intelligence World Risk Report 2021, a comprehensive annual review of mining risk, including a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction rating system and an assessment of general business and operating risks and trends.

In this year’s edition, Cecilia Jofré, Senior Executive and Global Chief Sales Officer for IsoMetrix has written a contributing article titled ESG: Pivoting Towards a More Sustainable World.

WRR 2021 portrait

In it, she focuses on why environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are gaining a lot of attention from investors, the role the pandemic has played in bringing this issue to the foreground, and the need for businesses to broaden their measurable set of sustainability practices.

One of her points highlights that the current climate crisis is forcing companies to acknowledge that investors are looking at more than just the financial bottom-line. She writes, "As the world wakes up to a full-blown climate emergency, so investors are looking at more than merely a company’s financial results – they want to evaluate performance measured across a range of factors relating to the environment, social agendas, and governance measures."

Although ESG has been around for some time already, Cecilia acknowledges that it has morphed into a more encompassing proposition than in years past. "Today’s ESG agenda is forcing companies to acknowledge the interconnectedness of the ecosystems in which they find themselves. Long-term value creation across a variety of capitals beyond financial, requires integrated thinking, as opposed to box-ticking compliance activities. Organizations are needing to integrate sustainability throughout their entire supply chain and ESG is continually asking them to look broader."

The pandemic has had a knock-on effect on many aspects of our lives, and Cecilia also mentions that it has affected the environment in which ESG operates, referencing our attitudes towards the environmental and social components. She writes that, "Despite all the negatives associated with our recent Covid-19 pandemic, perhaps the event has also done some good in acting as a catalyst for us to re-examine our existing business processes. It has reawakened our understanding of our responsibility to not only our environment, but also to society at large."

For more information on the Mining Journal Intelligence World Risk Report 2021, visit The full report is only available at a cost, but you can download a free excerpt here.