IsoMetrix – Stepping into an Agile Future  

IsoMetrix has experienced exceptional growth over the last few years, with no sign of slowing momentum. Managing growth is always a challenge, and the company owes its success to a commitment to continual improvement. The belief that in every aspect of the business things can always be done better has built strong foundations across culture, systems, processes and technology. “If any of these are weak,” says Dennis Marketos, Managing Director at IsoMetrix, “the whole edifice can come tumbling down. Innovation is embraced at IsoMetrix, and not just in how we evolve our technology. We encourage our team members to look critically at everything that we do, to identify areas for improvement.” As part of this commitment to its customers, IsoMetrix has appointed two experts in Agile Project Management: Aaron Brown as Programme Manager in Atlanta and Roger Buissinne as Senior Executive: Projects in Johannesburg.

Agile capabilities

Aaron Brown joins IsoMetrix after spending eight years with CMO Compliance as a solutions consultant and product technical manager. He specialises in agile capabilities. He joins IsoMetrix as Program Manager for North America, overseeing service delivery of projects for our North American clients. His mandate includes implementing an agile service delivery process by tightly integrating teams and including client feedback at regular checkpoints. According to Aaron, “This ensures a faster, cheaper service delivery experience where clients are engaged in each step of the transparent process.” “I have spent the last eight years implementing GRC-HSEQ software solutions for many clients, especially in highly regulated industries and companies with a global footprint, such as Oil and Gas, Energy and Mining,” he says, confident that he has the experience necessary to bring customers exactly what they need. He is excited to join the IsoMetrix team, saying, “IsoMetrix has fantastic growth potential. We have a good reputation with clients, we form partnerships and hold ourselves accountable.” Aaron hopes to grow IsoMetrix’s North American operations, “I’m excited to help the team become more efficient than the competition. We offer a wider solution set for a truly integrated platform, and we are building the foundation for a client community.”

Streamlining processes

Roger has a background in electrical engineering and is an expert in software development and project implementation. He is devoted to continuous improvement and Agile Project Management. As newly appointed Senior Executive of Projects at IsoMetrix, Roger will liaise with teams and with clients. He will also relook at internal systems, and remove duplications to streamline processes, and create visibility across the entire implementation process. “A more streamlined project implementation process translates into a higher quality product for customers, with fewer errors and defects,” explains Roger. “A more collaborative project delivery experience will help us to deliver quicker, with better feedback from customers.” Roger is an expert in Agile Project Management. “Traditional project delivery methods play broken telephone, and important details get lost in translation,” he says, “There is too much disconnect between scoping and end-users. Pain in projects come from a mismatch of needs. Everyone needs to be on the same page, with shared understanding.” Agile Project Management is adaptable and focusses on continual improvement and value delivery. The benefits of agile development include higher product quality, higher customer satisfaction, increased project control, reduced risks and a faster ROI.


IsoMetrix is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience to its customers. As they continue to grow internationally, so does their commitment to continuous improvement. If you would like to find out more about their world-class integrated risk management software, visit