Join IsoMetrix at the Junior Mining Indaba

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Cecilia Jofré, Chief Sales Officer at IsoMetrix, will be participating in a panel discussion at the annual Junior Indaba at The Johannesburg Country Club in Auckland Park, Johannesburg from 4 to 5 June 2019.

The popular annual event hosted by Resources 4 Africa sees its fifth iteration this year. The two-day conference, known for its straight-talking and frank discussions, will examine the state of the exploration and junior mining sector in Africa.

The conference will feature local and international experts giving their views on the African junior mining landscape, the latest political and regulatory changes and what needs to be done to create thriving exploration and junior mining sector.

Panel discussions at the conference will cover themes such as the contribution junior coal miners make to the SADC coal mining and energy sectors; successful operating models for junior miners; what it takes to successfully turn around mining projects which were previously closed or abandoned; what operational challenges are juniors facing and what options are available to improve their operations when funds are limited.

On the forefront of the discussion will be the Mining Charter III and the associated implications for junior miners. Is the South African junior mining sector in a position to move forward?

Cecilia will join the panel discussion titled “Session Five What works and what doesn’t? Operating models for juniors.” The panel will unpack burning questions such as:

  • What business models are juniors typically adopting? What are the pros and cons of using contract miners?
  • What operational challenges are juniors facing – skills shortages, liaising with the DMR, obtaining permits, etc.?
  • How do juniors deal with organised labour? How can juniors improve their operational processes when their funds are limited?
  • What ESG issues are most problematic for juniors? Which partners can they work with to give them an advantage in terms of governance, environmental compliance and social impact?
  • How can juniors take advantage of digitization in mining? Can they afford it?

The panel will be moderated by Denver Dreyer, CEO, Worley. Joining Cecilia on the panel are: Sifiso Nkosi, Executive Chairperson, Ntuthuko Exploration & Mining Alistair Hodgkinson, Executive Vice President – Projects, Mechanical, DRA Global.