Highlights from PDAC

From 3 to 6 March 2019, IsoMetrix directors Benoit Froment and Cecilia Jofré attended the 25th Annual PDAC convention in Toronto Canada.

PDAC is a highlight on the Canadian Mining calendar, drawing upwards of 25 000 delegates from 135 countries. The convention boasts over 1 000 exhibitors, 3 500 investors and a plethora of technical sessions and networking events that promote knowledge share across the industry.

PDAC 2019 was a fantastic experience,” said Benoit. Top industry leaders delivered insightful presentations and discussions.”

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Benoit and Cecilia Jofré attended a number of sessions focused on mining safety and social sustainability including:

  • ERM: Environmental Resources Management annual panel session entitled "Building the Mine We Want to See"
  • "Trust-based community engagement" breakfast hosted by IsoMetrix partner Sabrina Dias
  • Colombia session by Canadian Ambassador to Colombia, Ambassador Marcel Lebleu
  • Intelligent Mine Ecosystem displayed by Deloitte
  • Data Disclosure and Responsible Mining

The Deloitte Intelligent Mine showcase presented by Andrew Swart and Deloitte team showed the IsoMetrix Software as platform part of Deloitte Digital Nerve Center. “The Deloitte Intelligent Mine showcase is a unique and innovative approach across the entire mining value chain,” says Benoit.

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Andrew Swart, Partner at Deloitte summarized the key themes at PDAC as:

  1. Geo-political uncertainty. and the impact this will have on demand.
  2. Mergers and acquisitions and what the impact of the restructuring of portfolios might have on the mining industry.
  3. Digitization and where companies will find the next wave of productivity and digitization and where companies are looking for where that next wave of productivity and improvement technological improvement.

The “Data Disclosure and Responsible Mining” session focused the leading practices and learnings from the Responsible Mining Index. “The key takeaway from this session for mining companies is how to transform data in information; the risk is to feed Data Management System with too much data and not getting any information,” says Benoit

IsoMetrix Software also attended a reception hosted by the IFC who have just released a new guide to integrating women into the mining workforce.

About the PDAC

PDAC is the leading voice of the mineral exploration and development community. With over 8 000 members around the world, PDAC’s mission is to promote a globally responsible, vibrant and sustainable mineral sector that encourages leading practices in technical, operational, environmental, safety and social performance.