On the move to IsoMetrix Toronto

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Over the next few months, five members of our South African team will be joining our Canadian office. Cecilia Jofré, Chief Sales Officer at IsoMetrix (South Africa) and Benoit Froment, Regional Partner & Business Director (Canada) discuss the exciting prospects of this move for both the company and its customers.

IsoMetrix has well over 20 years’ experience in implementing risk management software solutions in the extractive industries in Africa. As such the team has an in-depth understanding of how the software benefits these industries. “Canada’s mining sector is progressive,” says Cecilia, “and the Canadian Institutions promote sustainability and good governance.”

South Africa is viewed as “the cradle of corporate governance,” according to Cecilia. With corporate governance frameworks such as King IV, the country promotes International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) frameworks for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) disclosure. “This is an excellent alignment with what the mining sector in Canada is trying to achieve, there is responsible mining in both countries,” she says.

“Both Canada and South Africa strive to create an inclusive eco-system, one where the legitimate interests of all stakeholders are considered by industry,” says Cecilia. “We have had some involvement with the Canadian High Commission in South Africa; and had the privilege of participating in events such as Mining Indaba, where the Canadian ethos has been showcased.”

Cecilia maintains that South Africa’s sometimes unstable social-political landscape has created a kind of trial by fire for the South African mining industry. According to her, “the mining industry in South Africa has had to put their governance processes and methodologies to the test often, especially in the sphere of social sustainability. We’re experienced at seeing governance in action.”

“Canadian companies are looking for world-class integrated risk management software that provides insights and supports the execution of strategies on an ongoing basis. As a global leader in Governance Risk and Compliance Software, our strategy is to accelerate our growth in such jurisdictions. We look forward to supporting and growing the success of our Toronto Office,” she says. “I believe we have complementary cultures and values to those of Canadian businesses, and we lookforward to doing our part to further responsible mining there.”

Closing the gap

Benoit, who heads up the Toronto office for IsoMetrix is excited to welcome the South African team. “Reinforcing our project and support teams in North America will have a direct positive impact on our clients, not least of which by closing the time difference between the two offices.” The move will continue to improve an already world-class service offering to our customers. “Bringing the South African team to Canada brings their expertise closer, making it more accessible for calls and meetings, as a simple example.”

“We’ve gained significant traction in the North American and Latin American markets, especially in the extractive industries,” says Benoit. A growing customer base has resulted in a growing staff-complement to support this growth. “We have plenty of work to be getting on with!” enthuses Benoit. “We have been hiring new employees and on-boarding strategic partners to implement our technology solutions. He explains that having this team of senior experts coming to Canada will allow them to scale up quickly and be operational right away.