Driving sustainability via centralized risk management: Highlights from the OPEX 2021 event

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Taking place on June 1, the Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals and Resources 2021 summit brought together over a thousand of North America’s most innovative operations, technology and EHS leaders, all looking to unlock immediate value in their operations.

The agenda at this year’s conference addressed:

  • Using real-time data to reduce energy use in facilities to meet consumption and cost reduction goals
  • Defining data-to-value strategy and roadmap
  • Linking frontline workers to the information they need
  • Monitoring the condition of equipment via machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Implementing real-time monitoring
  • Building the skills and capabilities necessary to capture and use data
  • Building agility and flexibility into process safety programs
  • Safeguarding data security
  • Meeting today’s environmental regulations and achieving sustainability goals

IsoMetrix was proud to sponsor the expert-led virtual event which contained multiple insights featuring case studies on data-driven operational excellence, energy efficiency, workforce modernization, sustainability, cloud and edge computing, and predictive analytics.

How to drive sustainability through risk management

Ben Hamel and Shannon Lardi explain how to drive sustainability via risk management.

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As experienced industry experts, Ben Hamel, IsoMetrix Enterprise Account Director and Shannon Lardi, Partner Enablement Manager at IsoMetrix presented at this year’s event.

In their presentation titled Moving from Abstract to Practical: How to Drive Sustainability through Risk Management, they explained how integrating risk management into every system and process drives sustainability, and aids profitability in the medium and long-term.

The duo observed how an increasing number of organizations are moving towards a centralized risk management approach, and highlighted various points such as the role organizational leaders play in moving businesses towards sustainability, the advantages of having an integrated risk management platform, factors driving a culture of sustainability, and how effective risk management can secure and protect the social license to operate.

They also presented a case study involving a major oil and gas company which demonstrated how environmental, social and governance factors are underpinned by good risk management.

As a sustainable business technology champion with eight years of experience in environment, health, safety, quality, and asset management software systems, Ben is well-placed to comment on the importance of risk management software.

"With crisis comes opportunity, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic has shone the spotlight on the benefits of placing risk management at the heart of every business and incorporating it into internal systems and processes," Ben said. "IsoMetrix has been trusted by global companies for over two decades to help them improve current processes, streamline operations, manage risk, and achieve sustainability goals. I was delighted to demonstrate how our solutions enable companies to proactively manage risk and drive sustainability."

With two decades of experience at a major oil and gas company and a passion for driving efficiency with technology, Shannon was similarly enthusiastic about this year’s OpEx Summit.

"It was a privilege to be part of this year’s excellent line-up of speakers," she mentioned. "The summit is a great platform that allowed me to share my insights and experience on the importance of effective risk management, and the role it plays in driving sustainability, increasing profitability, and improving efficiency within companies."


It’s becoming evident that having an integrated risk management platform is of major benefit to organizations in a variety of ways. One way in which Ben highlighted is the ability to update how to report on data at any time, allowing company management to stay ahead of reporting requirement changes caused by environmental factors.

To an increasing degree, data is becoming a foundational asset in achieving sustainability goals, and a data-centric mindset combined with a scalable data management system can have a powerful impact on company performance. The integration of people, processes and technology drives stakeholder value and leads to profitable sustainability.

If you would like to explore how IsoMetrix can help you drive sustainability through effective risk management, contact us today.

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