Building the IsoMetrix Partner Ecosystem

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As IsoMetrix continues to grow, our Partner Management team is excited to share some recent progress in its effort to build a strong and credible partner ecosystem.

Benoit Froment, IsoMetrix Partner Management Director says, “We are focusing on partner enablement. Our e-learning approach for enablement is taking shape internally and externally. We are making it easier for our partners to learn about IsoMetrix, sell our solutions and implement them.”

Shannon Lardi, IsoMetrix’s new Partner Enablement Manager explains, “We are excited to take partner enablement to the next level with a structured approach that shows our commitment to partners, shares the IsoMetrix culture and our strategy for digital transformation.” Shannon’s own onboarding experience is testament to this commitment. It has given her ample exposure to various subject matter experts in the company to successfully onboard partners and give them the confidence that IsoMetrix is the right technology choice.

What is new for partners?

Over the last few months, the IsoMetrix partner onboarding plan has been updated based on learnings to introduce more flexibility and efficiency.

We have opened a new Enablement Knowledge Platform for existing partners, which includes marketing materials, information on our technological solutions, and some guides and good practices on how to implement IsoMetrix. We are leveraging the collaboration with other departments to align our internal and external enablement processes and ensure consistency in approach and content.

Furthermore, a dedicated Partner Support Helpdesk will assist our implementation partners and allow them to participate in our continuous improvement process. This update will enable us to be more responsive to the needs of our partners and allow them to implement IsoMetrix more easily.

What is coming next?

We are introducing a new IsoMetrix certification process for our implementation partners to validate their competency and meet our quality requirements. This will ensure the same quality of deliverables for our customers.

In addition, our partners will have continuous access to our product offering. We will continue our current campaign to introduce our new ESG Reporting solution, with the aim of explaining the fit-to-market and identify new business opportunities.

Finally, we will continue to work closely with our global Marketing team to propose and co-host events, webinars and content with our partners. We are currently planning our 2021 Marketing Campaign, engaging with our key partners to position IsoMetrix as a leading integrated risk management software provider.

To learn more about the benefits of partnering with IsoMetrix, get in touch with our Partner Management Team.

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