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February 28, 2019

EHS provider IsoMetrix releases a new Carbon Footprint Solution

IsoMetrix, in partnership with The Carbon Neutral Group (CNG), have released a turnkey carbon footprint solution. The Carbon Footprint solution is designed to help organizations accurately calculate, manage and report on their carbon footprint.

The system facilitates the calculation of a company’s carbon footprint. Because of its agility, this solution meets the requirements of a variety of published guidelines and protocols and allows for the use of specific factors and formulae.

The added value that the IsoMetrix system brings is that objectives and targets can be set along with actions which can be tracked to completion. This ensures compliance and met objectives.

The partnership between IsoMetrix and the CNG is synergistic in nature: CNG provides expert advice on identifying a company’s activities so that the Carbon Footprint Solution can be tailored to include reporting of associated emissions. Where IsoMetrix provides the technology tool to manage, track and report a company’s emissions. CNG can propose strategies to reduce a company’s carbon footprint and ultimately increase the company’s bottom line.

Robin Bolton, Head of Sustainability at IsoMetrix, emphasizes that companies should implement a system to put their house in order. “It is important for organizations to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint as an increase in greenhouse gas emissions is the primary cause related to climate change and in turn has led to global warming” he says, “and therefore implementing a tool to manage and track carbon emissions should be prioritized if we are to create a more sustainable future for the natural and social environment.”

Silvana Claassen, Senior Carbon Advisor at Climate Neutral Group South Africa, points out the cost advantage of reducing carbon emissions, “It is very much for the long-term benefit of organizations to reduce their carbon footprint. Companies that calculate their carbon footprints, can identify cost-efficient ways in reducing their environmental impact and are realizing a direct positive impact on their bottom lines.”

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